The Five Best Yard Sale and Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

Family preparing for a garage or yard saleMany families use the end of the summer as one last chance at a garage or yard sale to declutter their homes before the holidays and winter months arrive. A garage sale is not only a smart way to get any unneeded items out of the house, but if you do it right you can make some serious extra cash. Utilize these five smart tips to make the most out of your garage or yard sale!

Five Must-Follow Garage and Yard Sale Tips

Garage Sale Tip 1: Garage Sale Pricing Guide

The pricing strategy you choose for your garage or yard sale depends on what you hope to achieve. If your main goal is to get rid of unneeded items, price your items low to sell, or advertise that the prices aren’t fixed. If your main goal is to make extra cash by selling your items, price them higher. Be cautious with pricing items high. People come to yard sales looking for a deal. If your items are overpriced, they will just head to the next sale.

Garage Sale Tip 2: Mark all Prices

Regardless of your pricing strategy, be sure to clearly label each item with the price. A potential customer may be deterred from buying your items if the price isn’t clearly listed.

Garage Sale Tip 3: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Investing time and money into advertising will pay off. Put an advertisement in the Sunday paper the week before your garage sale, place an advertisement on Craigslist or create a Facebook event with pictures of the items you are selling. It also never hurts to go the old-fashioned way and print out signs and post them around your neighborhood (but don’t forget to take the signs down and check with your HOA first!). The more people you make aware of your garage sale, the more potential customers you’ll have.

Garage Sale Tip 4: Two is Better than One

Consider teaming up with another family or your neighborhood to increase appeal. Think about it: Would you drive across town for one garage sale? Probably not. Would you drive across town for a two-to-three or more family garage sales? Now that’s more likely! Pairing with another family will help increase the word-of-mouth buzz, making your garage sale a can’t-miss event. If multiple families sell from one location, to make sure each family gets their fair cut from the garage sale, have each family mark their items with different colored stickers and keep track of how much each item is sold for at the time of checkout.

Garage Sale Tip 5: Accept Alternate Means of Payment

Consider accepting credit cards. Many times, people who visit garage sales happened to notice the sale while driving by and therefore don’t have any cash on hand. Offering a convenient credit card option will makes it easier for everyone to complete their purchases and could result in better sales for you.

Still Have Some Unsold Items After Your Garage Sale?

Items not sold at your garage or yard sale can be split into piles labeled “donate,” “throw out” and “keep.” Items in good condition you no longer want can be donated, while items that are unusable by donation centers can be thrown out. Still want to hang onto your leftover sale items, but don’t have room to store them at home? Consider renting a self storage unit near your house. This is a smart way to still achieve your goal of decluttering your home, while saving items for your next garage sale. Contact ezStorage with any questions you have on a storage unit rental!