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Fall Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Around the House | October 16, 2014

Fall Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning
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The change in season is a perfect time to finish up the sSpring and Summer cleaning projects that you kept putting off as well as implement decluttering and reorganization projects before the holiday season. Set aside a weekend for fall cleaning to make sure that the inside and outside of your home is clean for the winter months. Now is the time to take advantage of good weather to do the cleaning projects and get prepared for family activities during the holidays. We spend more time indoors during the winter, so you want to make sure that everything is clean and fresh for as long as possible.

7 Outside Fall Clean-up Tips

Cleaning, prepping and organizing the outside of the home is just as important as indoor cleaning projects. Doing the outdoor fall clean-up projects now, will help keep your outdoor patio furniture, grills and lawn equipment ready to be used again in the spring!

  1. Clean and store patio furniture, grills, table umbrellas, lawn equipment and children’s summer toys for the winter.
  2. Touch-up trim, railings and decks with paint.
  3. Install weather stripping around windows and door thresholds to prevent cold breezes from entering the home.
  4. Have the chimney and flues inspected and cleaned. This is an important fire safety step that should be done on a yearly basis.
  5. Clean out the gutters!
  6. Fertilize your lawn to help maintain its root health over the winter dormant months. Also, don’t forget to water your outdoor plants.
  7. Don’t forget about cleaning and organizing your garage, so you can park your car inside during the winter months.

 10 Indoor Fall House Cleaning Tips

  1. Focus on cleaning specific high-traffic and highly visited rooms, such as the living room family room, guest bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Clean the rooms from top to bottom including vacuuming drapes and window treatments and dusting baseboards and corners.
  3. Clean all bedding including mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets and comforters.
  4. Turn the mattress front-to-back and end to end to equalize the wear.
  5. Schedule professional carpet cleaners to clean the carpets before the busy holiday season.
  6. Clean and organize the kitchen cabinets to prepare for holiday baking and cooking. Dispose of expired food. Stock up on the dry goods that you will need for the holidays.
  7. Check the cleaning supplies under your sink for expired items.
  8. Clean the refrigerator inside and out. Remove the contents, shelves, rack and bins and wash them with anti-bacterial cleaner. Clean behind the refrigerator and vacuum the condenser coils.
  9. Replace your furnace filter.
  10. Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. The best time to do this is when the time “falls back” in the beginning of November.

As you are working through your fall cleaning checklist, make sure that you have the proper cleaning and organizing supplies. If you are working on decluttering a space as you are cleaning, make sure that you have moving and packing supplies to pack up the items for storage, donation or to be thrown away.

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