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ezStorage’s Storage Unit Size Guide

Uncategorized | April 8, 2014

ezStorage Self Storage Units
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One of the most important factors when choosing a self storage facility is deciding what size storage unit you will need to store your belongings. Before you start visiting storage facilities in your area, you should already have a list of the items that you want (or need) to store in mind. This will help determine what size storage unit you will need to rent.  If you need to store the entire contents of your home, then you will need to have a bigger sized storage unit. If you are a college student storing books, linens or even a bike during the summer months, then a smaller size storage unit will be the best fit for you.  e

ezStorage has a storage unit size guide video resources page that provides a visual of what you can place in each size storage unit. We’ve also created the Ultimate Guide for Renting Your First Storage Unit, filled with everything you need to know to find the right storage solution for you.

ezStorage offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5×5 up to 10×30 at each of our 45 self storage facilities in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas. Below is the self storage unit size guide as well as a description of what types of items can fit within each storage unit size. All ezStorage storage units have 8 foot tall ceilings, so you can use the vertical height as well as the floor space within the storage unit.

Self Storage Unit Sizes at ezStorage

5’x5’ (25 square feet)This is the smallest size storage unit available. This is a great size for personal items, clothes, skis, children’s toys, small furniture and sales representative inventory or materials.

5’x10’ (50 square feet)-This size will allow you to store a small amount of furniture, chest of drawers, mattress, boxes and other smaller items.

7.5’x10’ (75 square feet)-This is slightly bigger than the 5’x10’ unit, so you can store a bit more furniture, chairs, mattresses or boxes.

10’x10’ (100 square feet)-This size unit can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment, including appliances (refrigerator or stove), furniture, mattresses and boxed items.

10’x15’ (150 square feet)-This size unit can hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment or home including appliances, mattresses, furniture and boxed items.

10’x20’ (200 square feet)This size unit can hold the contents of a three bedroom apartment or home including appliances, furniture, mattresses and boxed items. This is also a great option for commercial storage for inventory and storage shelves.

10’x30’ (300 square feet)-This is the largest storage unit available at ezStorage. It can hold the contents of a four to five bedroom home including multiple appliances, furniture and boxed items. This is another great option for commercial business storage.

Once you have decided what self storage unit size you will need, then the important step is to properly pack your storage unit to create the optimum space for your stored items. Following simple tips such as leaving space for ventilation and moving around your storage unit or stacking like size boxes together will make your storing experience easier. Stop by ezStorage to take a personal tour of our storage facilities. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you with any questions that you might have about renting a self storage unit!

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