The ezStorage Way

Every day, ezStorage self-storage managers are responsible for providing our customers the best self-storage experience in the industry. It’s simple really --- we want our customers to come back and we want them to tell everyone about the “ezStorage way.” Just what is the “ezStorage way”? It’s a philosophy our self-storage managers learn from their very first day of training and everyone at ezStorage practices daily. It’s a philosophy which clearly distinguishes us from our competitors. That’s why we believe our managers are among the most important people in our company and, it’s why we believe they’re not only managers, they’re self-storage professionals. So, how did ezStorage became the pre-eminent self-storage company in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC? By empowering its self-storage professionals! In fact, many of our best customer service ideas weren’t “handed down” from the corporate office; they were ideas which came “up” from our self-storage professionals. People often ask (incredulously) “how can you innovate in the self-storage industry?” My response, “Just tour any of our self-storage facilities and talk to our most valued resource, our self-storage professionals and you’ll see how.” Their commitment to learn, enhance and improve the “ezStorage way” shows in how we treat our customers, how are self-storage facilities sparkle and in everything else we do. We have one goal in mind --- provide our customers the best self-storage experience in the industry. And we mean it!