ezStorage Helps in Bowie Wetland Clean-Up on September 21st

Maryland WetlandsAccording to a 2000 report for the Maryland Wetland Conservation Work Group, there are nearly 600,000 acres of vegetated wetlands in Maryland. This is about 9.5% of Maryland’s total land type. There are quite a lot of wetlands in the Baltimore area that are still sustaining, but a good portion of the wetlands are slowly being drained for agriculture and new commercial and residential buildings. The wetlands that are surviving need to be protected from litter and trash. The litter disrupts the vegetation and the wildlife in the wetlands.

What is a Wetland?

The Maryland Department of the Environment has great information about the wetlands and the wetland habitats in the state. The US Fish and Wildlife Service defines a wetland as transitional lands that are between terrestrial and aquatic systems (land and water) where the water table is usually at or near the land surface or the land is covered by shallow water. These wetlands hold water for a significant period of time during the year, which creates specific plant species and soil types. The wetlands are the habitats for a large number of bird and animal species and plant life. Some of the animals include beavers, turtles, frogs and deer. The wetlands are a great spot to bird watch to see blue herons, egrets, swans, ducks and other migrating birds. These habitats offer many ecological functions and special features to the environment as well as natural resources. The wetlands are valuable to Maryland for storm water and flood control, ground water re-charge and discharge, ecological diversity and habitation and education and scientific research.

ezStorage Helps to Protect the Wetlands

The ezStorage facility in Bowie, Maryland at 14211 Gallant Fox Lane will be participating in a Bowie Wetland Clean-Up Day this Saturday, September 21st from 9am to noon. The facility’s resident managers, Fred and Lorraine Caron are working with the Planning Department for the City of Bowie and other volunteers to clean up the wetlands around and behind the ezStorage facility. The city will provide the clean-up material such as bags, gloves and sanitizer. Lorraine and Fred will be providing light snacks for the event. The Carons have also rallied the city to erect littering fine signage in the wetlands near the facility, stating that there could be a $1.000.00 fine for littering. Hopefully, this sign will be a deterrent to littering in the wetlands. The clean-up project also helps protect the wildlife in the area and keeps the ezStorage property and surrounding property looking beautiful. ezStorage is proud that our resident managers take a part in keeping our communities clean and beautiful! Hats off to Lorraine and Fred!