Estate Sale Self Storage Tips

How to store items for an estate saleWhat is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale—typically much larger in scale than a yard sale or garage sale—is held when someone needs to sell the vast majority of items in their home. This is usually due to the death of a loved one, downsizing to a much smaller home, divorce or declaration of bankruptcy. If you are dealing with any of these situations, it can be overwhelming, and estate sales are large undertakings in and of themselves. That’s why many people opt to hire a professional liquidator to handle the process. The charge for their services is usually anywhere from 25-50% of the proceeds.

The sale usually happens inside the home with potential buyers browsing items on display. Professional liquidators will limit the number of people inside at a time, but depending on the turnout, you may see anywhere from 10-20 people browsing items marked for sale. Not everything in the home is guaranteed to be available for sale, however.

How to Store Items You Want to Keep During an Estate Sale

If you want to avoid the potential issue of a cherished keepsake or family heirloom being sold, stolen or discarded during an estate sale, the safest practice is to remove it before the sale takes place. You may not have room to store it just yet, but ezStorage does!

Our self-storage units range in size from 5’x5’ (perfect for storing a small piece of furniture or a few items and boxes) all the way up to 10’x30’ (capable of storing an entire four-to-five-bedroom house). We even have options for vehicle storage including cars, trucks and boats. Check out our storage unit size guide to find the ideal space for your needs.

We offer climate-controlled self-storage at most locations. Any items that may be sensitive to severe temperature fluctuations or extremes at either end of the thermometer should be kept in this type of storage unit—particularly if you intend to store those items for longer than two-three months.

ezStorage facilities have a number of security features in place to keep your belongings safe, too. Well-lit interiors and exteriors will keep your surroundings and belongings in sight. Secure gate access at most of our locations ensures that only people with pass codes are allowed inside. Many of our self storage units feature individual alarms, and you alone control access. Security cameras keep an eye on things 24 hours a day, and on-site resident managers are stationed at most ezStorage locations.

Our managers are trained and knowledgeable in handling all kinds of storage needs and situations. They can help you determine the right features, size and location for your storage solution. ezStorage managers receive ongoing education and training to keep up with the latest industry trends and developments, and they are ready to put their knowledge to work for you.

Visit an ezStorage location near you for help with your estate sale storage or any other storage needs.