Easy Holiday Decorations Storage Solutions

A young woman untangling Christmas lights before storing her holiday decorationsIn the blink of an eye, the holiday season will soon be gone. If you decked the halls with your holiday season best, you may be wondering how to store all of your festive items. Strands and strands of Christmas lights, holiday figurines, bulbs and a Christmas tree can be a lot to fit inside your house. Try out these holiday decoration storage tips for a more organized household!

How to Store Holiday Decorations After the Season

  1. Store Bulbs in Egg Cartons: Tree bulbs can be very fragile. The months leading up to Christmas, save your egg cartons to store any breakable Christmas ornaments.
  2. Store Ornaments in Original Containers: Special ornaments that came in unique packaging or containers should be stored inside of that container. This will be the best protect your ornaments from danger later on.
  3. Use Clear Storage Containers: Using storage clear containers will not only help to keep your items organized, it will also allow you to see what is stored inside.
  4. Wrap Lights Around Wrapping Paper Rolls: There’s nothing more frustrating than a tangled strand of lights. When you’re wrapping presents this year, save the empty rolls to be used to store lights. Secure the strand on the wrapping paper roll by connecting the strands together with their plugs.
  5. Use Shrink Wrap on Your Tree: If you’re short on storage space, consider shrink wrapping your Christmas tree. This will not only conserve storage space, it will also keep your tree free from damage caused by bugs or moisture. When the holiday season comes around again, you can easily cut the tree free.
  6. Wash All Linens: Your tree skirt, towels and any other holiday linens should be washed before storage. Think about it, after you use these items for the holiday season, they are not touched again until the next season. Over time, wax from the tree left on the skirt will set in and be impossible to get out.
  7. Wrap Glass Items in Socks: Any glass items, like figurines or candles, should be wrapped in socks before storage. This will help to protect them against scratches and keep them in the best shape for next holiday season.
  8. Avoid the Attic or Basement: Although it can be tempting to tuck your holiday items away in the basement or attic, these locations can be susceptible to moisture or fluctuations in temperature, making them not an ideal storage location. Your best storage option will be one that is moisture-free and maintains a steady range of temperature.

Are You Looking for a Location to Store Your Holiday Decorations?

If you are in need of a storage location for your holiday decorations, consider utilizing a storage unit. In order to avoid having to store items in the basement or attic, many people reluctantly make room in one of their closets. Think about it, you are taking up vital storage space for items that are only needed seasonally. Instead of wasting space in your house, consider utilizing a 5X5 storage unit or storage locker. A storage unit will keep unneeded or seasonal items from cluttering your house, and in a safe and secure location right down the road from you. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental? Contact us today!