Dorm Room Organization Tips for the School Year

Dorm Room Organizations TipsUniversities and colleges in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Maryland areas are heading back to school and moving into their dorm rooms for the upcoming semester. One of the biggest challenges for college students living in a dorm is adjusting to a very small space with one or more roommates. Dorm rooms can be a very confined area, some averaging only 300 square feet, so storage space needs to be optimized as much as possible. We recommend storing any items you may need later in life—like when you graduate and move into your first home—in a self-storage unit while you are at school. But for the essential items you need this semester, included below are dorm room organization and dorm room storage tips to help maximize space and put yourself in a position for success in the classroom! 

Dorm Storage and Organization Tips

ezStorage created the “Ultimate College Back-to-School Packing Guide” to provide a college back to school checklist for first year students and parents. The college dorm supplies list does include under the bed storage bins, which are great out-of-the-way storage options. But, as students accumulate more items throughout the semester, they can run out of storage space in their dorm room sooner rather than later. In order to declutter the dorm room and create more livable space to study, eat and relax after class, we’ve highlighted four of the best dorm storage ideas and tips for dorm room organization.


  • Mattress Caddy: Save significant space by replacing your bedside table with a mattress caddy. A mattress caddy stays stable by sliding under your mattress to lock in, and provides room for your charging phone, books, and other items. A mattress caddy can be purchased for around $10 and is a great product for organizing dorm rooms.
  • Over-the-door Hamper: Dorm storage space can be improved by removing the large hamper in the corner of your room and replacing that item with an over-the-door hamper. This product will create more livable space by hanging from your bedroom door, staying off the ground to no longer waste valuable areas of your dorm.
  • Soda Can Tabs: This little-known dorm room organization tip can save valuable space in your closet. Instead of purchasing hanger and closet organizing products from your local department store, begin saving your soda can tabs. By then looping these tabs from a hanger—and then hanging another hanger from that soda tab—you can nearly double your closet space while keeping your clothes wrinkle free throughout the year.
  • Ironing TV Table: By wrapping fabric around your TV table, you can turn this into a more practical foldable ironing table. This smaller, more compact version of an ironing board requires far less storage space than a traditional ironing board and helps you accomplish the same wrinkle-free goals when it’s time to put your best foot forward on the weekend.

Dorm Storage for College Students

ezStorage offers month-to-month self-storage unit leasing options, which are perfect for college student storage while school is out for the summer. After keeping your dorm room as organized as possible, the most efficient way to keep your furniture and school items safe and out of the way over the summer when you move back home is by placing them in a self-storage unit. ezStorage has college student storage unit sizes ranging from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ to cover any student’s storage needs. We also offer climate controlled storage units, which can protect student art projects and artwork, musical instruments or sporting equipment that will not fit in a small dorm room—even if it is expertly organized.