The Top Tips and Benefits of Using a Storage Unit for Landscaping and Contractor Storage

Contractors and landscapers require a lot of supplies. Whether it’s for construction, road repairs or landscaping, the work performed by these professionals rely on the use of tools. Contractors and landscapers have become increasingly mobile, traveling further and further to complete work. With the increase in distance contractors and landscapers travel, the desire for a storage location that doesn’t require long term contracts has become common.

Why Should a Landscaper or Contractor Store Tools in a Storage Unit?

A storage unit is a great option for contractors and landscapers to store their equipment in. Unlike a storage unit rental, when you rent a building or garage to store your tools, you become tied down to a long-term contract. Choose a storage location that has features that will suit your needs. If you will be needing to store large equipment, choose a storage location with well-lit and wide aisles. At ezStorage, we even have the added benefit of offering drive-up storage options. When you need an item from your storage unit, you can just pull up, grab the item and load your vehicle. This is a great option if you use heavy equipment. The drive-up rental option lets you get out of the storage facility and back to the job site much faster.

The Best Landscaper and Contractor Storage Tips

  1. Organize Your Unit: Put the tools that are used the most commonly at the front of the storage unit. This will save you from having to constantly dig through the storage unit in search of tools. Also, if you generally use certain tools in conjunction with others, keep those tools together.
  2. Store Your Items in Clear Bins: The more organized the storage unit is, the better. Store small tools in clear storage bins. These bins will not only help to protect your tools from dust and debris, they will also be easy to stack and transport. Take the time to label all the boxes in the storage unit to stay organized.
  3. Label All Boxes: Even if you’re storing all your items inside of clear plastic bins, label the bins with a list of the contents inside of them. Tools can take a beating, and you don’t want to have to worry about dirt from the tools clouding the boxes and eventually making it impossible to see inside.

Are You Looking for a Location to Store Your Landscaping or Contractor Tools

A storage unit is a smart way to keep yourself from getting tied down to one location through a long-term lease, while still storing your items in a safe and secure location. ezStorage has 48 locations throughout Maryland and Virginia, ready for any of your storage needs. Are you interested in using a storage unit for contractor or landscaping storage? Contact us today!