Comic Book Storage Solutions

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Collecting comic books, toys and sporting cards has become a very big business and there are many industries that have been created just around buying, selling and storing collectibles. Toys, comic books and sports trading cards have always been highly collectible with some collections being passed down between generations. There are many comic book storage solutions to keep comic books in pristine condition including comic book protectors and storage boxes.  

Most people will store their childhood comic book collection in their attic or basement. While this is a handy place to store comic books at home, it actually isn’t the best place to store them in order to keep them in good condition. Extreme temperatures, especially in a hot attic, can damage the paper of the comic books. The best place to store comic books is in a humidity or climate controlled environment. If there is not room at home to properly display or store comic books, then the next best option would be to store the collectibles in a self-storage unit. Climate controlled storage units help protect your comic book collections from extreme range of temperature and humidity.

Comic Book Storage Tips

The condition of the comic book will affect the value of the comic book over time. There are many comic book storage ideas to keep comic books in pristine condition.  It is important to make sure that the collectibles are properly packaged and prepared for storage. Below are some comic book storage tips to keep your collection in pristine condition.

  1. Place individual books in comic book protector polypropylene sheets with acid-free comic packing boards.  The bags protect the comic books from fingerprints, scuffs and moisture. The boards, stored inside the bag, keep the comic book stiff and flat as well as helps to prevent bending and curling of the paper. Change out the boards every 2-5 years in order to keep the board from changing the color of the comic book.
  2. For more valuable comics, use Mylar comic book protector sheets for storing purposes.
  3. Store comic books in acid free comic book storage boxes. The comic book boxes come in long and short. The short box can hold up to 200 comics. The long box can fit up to 250 comics. Store the comic books standing up in the boxes.  Most comic book stores will be able to provide you with these storage materials as well as acid free comic storage boxes.
  4. There are other comic book storage ideas such as storing a collection in filing cabinets or specially made cabinets as an alternative to storing in boxes. If you do not plan on selling the comic books in the future, then consider binding volumes of comic books together in a book or placing in a binder. This ultimately reduces the value of the comic book, but binding could make it easier to read, transport and store.
  5. When storing comics, keep them away from direct sunlight as this can fade the colors of the book. Avoid storing comic books in wet, hot or drafty areas.
  6. When storing the comic book storage boxes, do not stack the boxes too high and stack all like sized boxes together. The larger comic book storage boxes can get heavy when they are completely full.

ezStorage offers a variety of storage unit sizes that would be a great comic book storage solution. A 5x5 storage unit would be ideal to store comic book storage boxes. If you require a larger storage unit for your comic book collection, use our storage unit size guide to help you estimate what unit size you need.