Clean Storage Facilities and Great Customer Service Makes a Great Experience at ezStorage

Clean storage faciliitiesGreat customer service and a sparkling clean storage facility are a standard at ezStorage and an expectation of the "ezStorage way". This standard reflects just how much we deliver in terms of customer value. When doing a self storage search, ezStorage knows, first and foremost, customers want to store their personal items in a clean environment. ezStorage understands that and takes cleanliness to the next level. It also expresses how the ezStorage management cares about the people who store there too and its all part of great customer service.

Clean Storage Facilities

ezStorage prides itself on the appearance of our 45 facilities in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area. Every manager is required to maintain their facilities inside and out to the highest standard. Each morning, managers perform a walk-thru of the facility to determine an action for the day.  Floors, doors, windows and elevators are maintained to a high standard  to make sure  the property sparkles. At the end of the day, managers once again walk the grounds to re-evaluate and do a final daily clean-up.  Our Bowie the management team, even take part in annually cleaning up the wetlands that surround their facility.  

Great Customer Service

At ezStorage, customer service is our #1 priority. We pride ourselves in our customer service. Our managers understand that people usually rent a self storage unit during a time of transition (both good and bad) in their lives. Our management teams are courteous and professional and listen to our storage customers. They take pride in their facility and want to share that pride with our customers. We've been lucky to receive quite a few letters commending us for our commitment to great customer service. We wanted to share just two of the letters we have received in the past few months.

Good Morning: Just a note to thank you for the service you provided.  The cleanliness of the grounds and unit were exceptional, and it does make a difference when choosing sites. Foremost though was the staff's combination of courtesy, information and overall professionalism.  A huge Thank You is warranted for that aspect alone.  Thank You! The unit is now empty and ready for the next satisfied customer.


Re: Lanham ezStorage location I want to express my wonderful experience with ezStorage. After 3 years of storage, I recently moved out of a storage unit at your Lanham location. I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, cleanliness, and property safekeeping that your company provides. When I signed my contract in November of 2010, it was a sad time for me because I had recently lost of loved one. However, knowing that my belongings were being well-kept, I was a relieved-not burdened. The ezStorage properties, in general, are nestled in beautiful location and virtually pristine! The Lanham location, where I rented a unit, is wonderful. The managers take pride in the facility and truly care for their tenants’ property. For example on one occasion, I received a phone call from the manager stating that my unit was not secured properly. Again, on my move out day, the manager professionally dealt with a customer who blatantly disregarded ezStorage’s loading/unloading policy. I arrived around 8am (before the office opened) to find another tenant parked lengthwise across 4 parking spaces, which blocked all 3 bays. Despite my request, he would not move. He left before the office opened, so when the manager arrived, I explained the situation and he promptly viewed the footage to identify the tenant. He contacted the tenant to remind him of the loading/unloading policy. I could go indefinitely about ezStorage, but I’ll end here and restate that ezStorage facilities are clean, tenant’s property is well-kept, and the managers at the Lanham location are wonderful. I will continue to brag about ezStorage to anyone who’s listening. I have a friend who is looking for storage and inquired about my experience. I’m glad she asked.  

Thank you to both customers for taking the time to write such nice things about the ezStorage facilities and recognizing the ezStorage way! Stop in to any of our facilities to see how our staff can help your with your storage needs!