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What to Do When You Inherit a House: 5 Helpful…

Have you recently inherited a house after the passing of a loved one? It can be tough to deal with the emotions of losing someone along with the stress of figuring out what to d...

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5 Reasons to Consider Living in a Co-Living Community

It’s no mystery that living in a major city like Washington, DC can be expensive. But, did you know that there’s a new living concept that can actually be more affordable? This ...

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The Best Valentine’s Day Idea for Your Significant Other

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! For most of you, this may involve making a last-minute dash to the store for a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates or spending t...

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How to Declutter After Death of Parents

Unfortunately, death is a part of life. While this time is never easy, it is inevitable. If one or both of your parents have recently passed, you may have inherited a lot of the...

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10 Essential Tips for Babyproofing the House

Before you bring your new baby home, the most important area to babyproof is your nursery. Once the nursery is babyproofed, you are able to concentrate of babyproofing other are...

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Tips for Couples Moving in Together After Marriage

If you’ve recently gotten married, congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your life. Once the big day is over, you’re likely planning on moving in together. But moving...

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Work from Home Tips for Freelancers and Remote Employees

Many businesses view working remotely or from home as the future of the work place. It gives employees more flexibility in their schedules and allows companies to hire the best ...

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Moving Seniors into a Downsized Home or Assisted Living Facility

Relocating seniors into a smaller home or assisted living facility can be challenging. When moving into an assisted living facility, besides all of the emotions involved with le...

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