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Not sure how to move that mattress? Or how about disassembling that pool table? ezStorage has loads of tips and guides to help make moving day a breeze.

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Tips for Making Moving with Pets Easier

Before we know it, it will be spring and the busy moving season will be soon upon us. May through September are the busiest months to move. Starting to plan for your move as ear...

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How Do You Store a Microwave?

If you properly handle your appliance during a move and store it correctly, it will stay in top condition for the future. Try out these tips here.

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Tips for Appliance Storage

The hardest items in the home to prepare for storage or moving are appliances. Appliances such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, or microwaves are often awkward...

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How to Store Baby Clothes, a Stroller and Crib

Babies require a lot of supplies. Between strollers, cribs, clothing and a changing table, it is easy to let their items take over the house! But what do you do with their items...

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Tips for Cleaning After Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Holiday Season

After the season’s festive fun, your home might be a little messy. Before you tackle the tower of trash, take note of these tips.

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How to Store Outdoor Furniture and Cushions for Winter

The warm summer days are dwindling down, and so is patio season. If you have spent many summer nights lounging outside, having cookouts and looking at the stars, you know the va...

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Comic Book Storage Solutions

Collecting comic books, toys and sporting cards has become a very big business and there are many industries that have been created just around buying, selling and storing colle...

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Jet Ski Storage Tips for the Winter

While owning a personal watercraft, or PWC, can be fun, they are also very expensive and need quite a bit of care before the off-season. If your jet ski or wave-runner isn’t pro...

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