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Not sure how to move that mattress? Or how about disassembling that pool table? ezStorage has loads of tips and guides to help make moving day a breeze.

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Marie Kondo Tips for an Organized Home

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? If you own Netflix or enjoy reading books about organizing the home, you likely have! Marie Kondo started the organizational approach called the K...

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How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Do you plan on accessing your storage unit often? Maybe your storage unit holds your business supplies, or maybe you just plan on checking in as often as possible. In order to m...

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7 Essential First Time Home Buyer Tips

Are you planning to purchase your first house? Congratulations! Buying a house can be both an exciting and overwhelming time. For first time home buyers, there is likely more my...

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Post Grad Roommate Tips: 5 Tips for Getting Along with…

So, you graduated from college, got a new job, what’s next? You’re likely looking for a place to live in a location close to work! Well, if your new job happens to be in a boomi...

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Tips for Storing Collectible Items

Storing collectible items is a very common hobby. Like any hobby, collecting items can take up a great deal of time. This hobby can be well worth it though, because besides the ...

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7 Tips for Organizing a Small Closet with Your Spouse

Your closet is a personal space. It’s where you store your work clothes, holiday sweaters, summer dresses and other wardrobe odds and ends. But when you share a closet with some...

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How to Store Baby Clothes, a Stroller and Crib

Babies require a lot of supplies. Between strollers, cribs, clothing and a changing table, it is easy to let their items take over the house! But what do you do with their items...

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7 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office for Freelancers

Anyone who works remotely or as a freelancer knows the importance of being productive while working from home. But, when you work from the space you typically live in, being pro...

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