Business and Self Storage

Business Storage at ezStorage Most people think that self storage is just for storing personal storage stuff. But, self storage is a great low-cost option for business of any size. While it is true that the majority of self storage facilities are filled with people storing personal items, there are more and more businesses using self storage for their extra storage needs. As opposed to leasing larger warehouse type space or leasing space from expensive records management companies, self storage is a cost-effective alternative for businesses for storing excess inventory, furniture, files or equipment. Self storage also gives the business owner peace of mind that their product and files are safe and secure. Why should a business use self storage?

1. Renting a self storage unit costs less than remodeling, moving to a larger office or leasing warehouse space for an extended period of time.

2. If your company is relocating, then self storage is a great option to store items until the move.

3. Retail shops and sales representatives can store excess inventory in a self storage unit.

4. Is your files and older office equipment taking over every space in your office? Renting a self storage unit will help you reorganize and clean up the clutter.

5. Contractors, landscapers and construction companies can use self storage to store their equipment.

Properly storing your business files or equipment for storage is very important. If you are storing electronic equipment, then you might consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. Make sure to take proper inventory of the items that you are storing and write a content list on the side of the boxes that you are storing. This is especially true for boxes of files. Then keep an inventory list of each of the boxes. This will allow you to cross reference items on your list and easily access an item when you need them. If needed, add shelving units in your storage unit to better organize your inventory or files. Keep the items that you will need most often in the front of the storage unit.  

For sales representatives, self storage is a great option to eliminate clutter in your car or home office. Sales representatives should choose a storage facility that is in the center of their sales territory so they can easily access their inventory. ezStorage’s  45 locations in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC have the best storage amenities for businesses. Our facilities have the best in security to protect your stored inventory, equipment or files including personalized code entry, gated entry, video surveillance, individually alarmed storage units and online reservations and payment options. Climate controlled storage units are available at most of ezStorage locations and customers can have easy access to their storage units. Stop in to any one of our locations to see how we can help you with your business storage needs!