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The Best Valentine’s Day Idea for Your Significant Other

| February 2, 2018

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! For most of you, this may involve making a last-minute dash to the store for a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates or spending the evening out at a very over-crowded and over-priced restaurant. Where is the originality and sentimental value in this gesture? Come on, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be this way! This year, give your significant other what they really want, a storage unit rental! No really! Stay with me on this one.

A Storage Unit Rental is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

You love your significant other and will do anything to make them happy. But as much as you love them, you just can’t seem to change your slobby living habits and it’s driving your significant other crazy. Well, maybe it isn’t your fault. If you’re short on storage space, it’s difficult to be organized. Give your significant other the gift they didn’t know they needed, a storage unit rental! Say goodbye to the spare TV you never use, the sofa you do not have room for quite yet and the other seasonal items cluttering your home, and hello to a neat home and happy significant other!

Or maybe, your significant other is the messy-one. If you’re at the point where one has got to go and it’s either you or their extensive collection of off-season sports gear, avoid making drastic decisions and get them a storage unit rental!

Alleviate Relationship Stress with a Storage Unit Rental

In all seriousness, a cluttered home leads to household stress, which can be misplaced to stress in the relationship. No one wants to live in a messy household, and this can be particularly difficult if one of the parties in the relationship has A+ organizational habits, while the other needs some work.

ezStorage Has Your Valentine’s Day Covered

So, this year, rent a storage unit with ezStorage for a Valentine’s Day surprise your significant will never forget! ezStorage has storage facilities throughout Maryland, Virginia and the DC region, with various sized storage units perfect for any storage needs. Our storage facilities offer month-to-month rentals, so if your significant other decides a storage unit rental wasn’t what he or she had in mind, you won’t be in hot water with a long-term lease. Contact us today!

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