Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

15 Bathroom Spring Cleaning TipsThe weather has started to warm up, baseball is back and the flowers are beginning to bloom, it must be spring! It is also the time for doing all of the spring cleaning tasks around the house.72% of Americans surveyed in a recent study actually plan to do spring cleaning tasks. ezStorage recently released a great spring cleaning checklist by room. In the next few months, we will be sharing spring cleaning tips for each room via our blog. This week, we are starting with bathroom spring cleaning tips. The bathroom, usually the smallest room in the house, is actually the most daunting room to clean. Everything in the bathroom, from floor to ceiling, needs to be cleaned.  Women’s Day has created a great checklist to follow when doing bathroom spring cleaning. You can also create your own checklist based on the tips of how to clean the bathroom below.  Some of the tips below are also great every day bathroom cleaning tips.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Throw away expired cosmetics and medicine in your medicine cabinet or linen closets.

2. Remove all items from the cabinets and then wipe down the inside and outside of the medicine cabinet, toilet cabinets and linen cabinet.

3. Wash and shake out bathroom rugs, sweep and mop the floor and wipe down the baseboards.

4. Dust corners, ceilings, vents and fans in the bathroom.

5. Take down draperies, curtains and blinds to be washed and cleaned.

6. Scrub the bathtub. Pay Attention to crevices, handles and fixtures. Change the shower curtain liner and shower curtain.

7. Scrub the toilet inside and out.

8. Empty and clean out the trash can. Scrub out the trash can and spray with disinfectant.

9. Remove cleaning products and other stored items from under the sink. If you haven’t used a product in 3-6 months, throw it away. Also check for expired dates on your cleaning supplies.

10. Put away things that don’t normally belong in the bathroom. Put dirty towels and clothes in the hamper to be washed.

11. Replace items in your first aid kit.

12. Reset the bathroom by hanging fresh linen, curtains and placing the clean rugs on the floor.

Cleaning Product Tips

1. When cleaning, make sure that you read the cleaning product information labels carefully and follow instructions on how they should be used. The directions will let you know how long you should leave a cleaning product on tile or if you need to diffuse it with water.

2. Vinegar can be an effective surface cleaner replacement. Mix one part white distilled vinegar with 9 parts water. Undiluted white distilled vinegar mixed with baking soda can also be used to remove soap scum in the shower/tub.

3. Make sure to use bleach properly when using as a cleaning agent. Keep bleach away from children and pets!