Baltimore’s Ethnic and Cultural Festivals

Photo courtesy of Since Baltimore’s origins in the early 1700’s, there has been a mix of cultures and ethnicities in the region from Native American, European, African to Asian. That diverse culture is celebrated in festivals held starting in June through November in and around Baltimore and Washington D.C. From Irish to Italian to Caribbean to Russian, you can find a variety of ethnic festivals during the year in Baltimore. The first cultural celebration of the summer is the St. Nicolas Greek Folk Festival  held June 6th through 9th at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. This is the largest Hellenic festival in the Baltimore metro area. It is also the most attended and longest running Hellenic event of the year. The festival celebrates the rich culture and musical and culinary heritage of the Greek. There is homemade food including dolmathes, gyros, moussaka, baklava and much more! In addition to the great food, there is entertainment, music and dancing. The admission is free, but there is a cost for any special after-hours event. Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood  is a tight-knitted community containing over 30 restaurants. Little Italy has two major Italian festivals during the summer. The first one, the 109th Annual St. Anthony Festival is hosted by St. Leo’s Church on June 8th and 9th. Test you luck at bocce ball and wheel games and enjoy the food and entertainment of the street festival. The second festival is the St. Gregory Italian Festival on August 17th and 18th that also has food, games, music and entertainment. The City of Baltimore used to host a Showcase of Nations Ethnic Festivals for the past few years. The showcase is no longer, but the festivals still continue. The Latino Fest celebrates the Hispanic culture. The festival takes place on June 22nd and 23rd at Patterson Park, which is in the heart of Baltimore’s Latino Community. The Baltimore Caribbean Carnival Festival has combined with the Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Festival  to have the DC/Baltimore Caribbean Festival on July 13th and 14th at Lake Clifton Park. There will be parades, reggae and soca music, Caribbean food and performers. The Russian Festival takes place October 18th and 19th at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church. You can enjoy traditional food, music, crafts, dance and more at this great ethnic festival. The ethnic festival season winds down as the weather turns colder. However, the Maryland Irish Festival brings the warmth of the Irish culture to the Timonium Fairgrounds on November 8th through 10th. The festival celebrates the Irish through regional and national musical acts and dance performers, traditional food, exhibits and vendors. There are so many cultural events and festivals during the spring and summer in the Baltimore and Washington DC area. You can go to every festival and eat your way around the world! ezStorage  is very proud to be a member of such an ethnically diverse community!