Back to School Time

Back to School and self storage Where did the summer go? It seemed like just yesterday that school was being released for the summer, children were planning their summer vacation events and college students were making their summer break plans. Starting August 26th, it is back to school for the Baltimore City Schools  and The Howard County School District.  Many other local school districts are starting back at the same time. Local universities will be starting back the week of August 26th and September 3rd. Universities going back to school the week of August 26th include Towson University, Morgan State University, University of Baltimore and University of Maryland-Baltimore. The colleges that are starting back on September 3rd include University of Maryland-College Park, John Hopkins University and Loyola University. Just as a reminder, pay extra attention when driving as the students will be walking to school or to their classes! Just like spring and graduation season, back to school time is another time of transition for students and their families. It is also a time where home can get easily cluttered with books, sporting equipment, musical instruments and projects! It is important to stick to an organization plan during these months. If you do not have room to store the added back to school equipment, then place the items in a self storage unit until you need them. For college students, especially new freshman, this is a time of big changes. College students need to pack for living in a much smaller space. A student needs to be selective in the items that they need to take to school with them. They will need to downsize their belongings in order to fit in the smaller dorm rooms. Self storage is a great option for both college students and their families. ezStorage understands the importance of renting a self storage unit to college students by holding special promotions for college students and facility every spring. Once a college student leaves for school, parents can start to have “empty nest” feelings. They decide to redecorate or repurpose the student’s bedroom into an office, den or even a personal gym. But, where can they put all of the student’s awards, projects and collections when they redecorate? Box up the items and place them in a self storage unit until the student returns from school and they can go through the items themselves. Some of these belongings can actually stay in the self storage unit until the student graduates and moves into their own apartment. ezStorage wishes all of the students a great new school year and best wishes in this time of transition!