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8 Storage for Motorcycle Ideas to Protect Your Ride

How To | October 24, 2017

Storing Motorcycle
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A motorcycle is a great way to get around during warm and dry weather. But, it is not recommended to take a motorcycle out for a ride in snowy, rainy or cold weather. Proper storage for motorcycles is key to ensuring your ride will run great for years.

How to Store a Motorcycle for Winter

Before you get started, it is important to follow proper protocol. See below for a list of steps when using storage for motorcycles. Following these steps will allow the motorcycle to be ready for the spring riding season in no time!

  1. Follow Manufacturer Approved Instructions
  2. Update License and Insurance
  3. Change the Oil
  4. Clean the Motorcycle
  5. Remove the Battery for Storage
  6. Inflate Tires
  7. Store Your Motorcycle Off the Ground
  8. Choose a Smart Storage Facility

Continue reading for more detail on each of these motorcycle storage steps!

8 Motorcycle Winter Storage Ideas to Protect Your Ride

  1. Follow Manufacturer Approved Instructions: For example, windows are a bit touch point for motorcycle lovers. A Lexan or Plexiglas window cannot receive the same treatment as a glass window. Avoid using newspaper and glass cleaner for non-glass surfaces. When it comes to chrome versus aluminum parts, polish is another hot point. Use polish to enhance the appearance of chrome, and never use it on aluminum. Use an aluminum-specific cleaner on aluminum. Beware, if you use the aluminum-specific cleaner on chrome, you will ruin the clear-coat! You can find storage tips specific to your bike in your owner’s manual. It is important to read and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. Also, make sure to consult with your storage facility manager before storing. Your motorcycle needs the proper unit size and type before you can store it away for the winter.
  2. Update License and Insurance: It is important to keep things up to date while you are away. Make sure that your registration, license and insurance are up-to-date before storing. It may be necessary to provide proof of insurance when you rent your storage unit.
  3. Change the Oil: Before storing, change the oil and filter plug. This will remove the excess sludge and dirt in the engine. It will also allow for easier start-up of the motorcycle when removing from storage. If left inside of a motorcycle for an extended period of time, old oil can be cause engine parts to corrode.
  4. Clean the Motorcycle: Clean the motorcycle, top-to-bottom, before placing it into storage. Any dead bugs or water spots left on your motorcycle for an extended period of time can cause the paint to fade. After washing the motorcycle, make sure it is completely dry. When it is dry, spray a protective oil on every metal surface of the motorcycle. This will act as a barrier to moisture to help prevent the bike from rusting while in storage.
  5. Remove the Battery for Storage: Make sure to remove the battery before storage. Self storage for your motorcycle can harm your battery if precautions are not taken. Store the battery in a warm dry place. Also, make sure to charge it up once a month or keep it on a trickle charger.
  6. Inflate Tires: Check to ensure your tires are properly inflated before storage. The weight of the motorcycle on its tires for an extended period of time can cause flat spots to form. Properly inflating tires can help to prevent flat spots from occurring. Rotate the tires at least once a month to distribute the weight of the bike. This way, different parts of the tire will bear the weight of the bike through the winter.
  7. Store Your Motorcycle Off the Ground: Store your bike off the ground for the winter. This is especially important if you are using a storage unit or garage. Place the motorcycle on a pallet or piece of wood. Doing so will help protect the tires from deflating during storage. As mentioned above, deflating tires can lead to flat spots.
  8. Choose a Smart Storage Facility: Sunlight can cause paint to fade and damage leather. Store your motorcycle in a dark and dry location. Furthermore, cover the motorcycle while it is in storage. Beware – plastic covers hold in moisture and can enhance corrosion! If possible, get a breathable fitted cover for your motorcycle. This will help to prevent the motorcycle from fading or rusting. It can also help to protect the bike from scratches, dings, moisture and dust while in storage. If nothing else, use a cotton tarp, sheet or blanket as a covering.

Bonus Motorcycle Storage Tip

Before Renting, check your self storage facility’s rules and regulations. Each facility has rules and regulations when it comes to storage for motorcycles. It is important to understand your facility’s policies so that you store your ride the right way.

Are You Looking for Motorcycle Storage Units Near You?

ezStorage offers a variety of motorcycle storage unit sizes. From 5X5 square feet to 10X30 square feet, we have you covered whether you’re storing one motorcycle or an entire fleet. ezStorage also offers easily accessible storage units to help you move your motorcycle in and out of storage. The drive-up storage option will allow you to just pull up in front of your storage unit.

Our facilities are monitored 24/7 by a state-of-the-art camera surveillance system and are well-lit to deter crime. We even have resident managers living onsite at most ezStorage locations. When you rent with ezStorage, you can rest easy knowing you are storing with the best. Are you interested in learning more about our storage options? Contact us today!

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