7 Tips for Storing a Lawn Mower For The Winter

Lawn Mower Storage Solutions

lawn mower storage solutionsThere are many outdoor equipment and summer items that are not needed during the winter months which require proper storage. Patio furniture storage should also be among those items. The month of November, before it gets too cold, is a great time to prep these items and place them in storage for the winter months. If you prepare them properly, then you will be able to use the items again in the spring with little or no effort.  Lawn mowers, in particular, can take up a lot of room when being stored. This is especially true if storing in a garage or shed during the winter months.

Renting a self storage unit for storing a lawn mower for the winter is a great household storage solution for outdoor equipment when there is no room to store at home. Doing so will help free up space in the garage for other items that will be needed during the winter months, like a snow blower and snow shovels. Place outdoor equipment that you will not need to access for the next 4-6 months towards the back of the storage unit. Move the “cold weather” and holiday items to the front of the storage unit so you can easily grab them for the holiday season.

How to Prepare a Lawn Mower for Winter Storage

When you start to prepare your lawn mower for winter storage, the first thing to do is to examine the mower for any damage or needed repairs.  If the mower is damaged, ask yourself if the item is worth repairing. If the lawn mower is beyond repair, then dispose of the item according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Always check with the manufacturer’s instructions before you perform any cleaning or storing of your lawn mower. If you follow the proper lawn mower storage tips, your lawn mower will be in great working order for the spring.


  1. Empty the gas tank before putting in storage for the winter months which is a requirement of your rental agreement. Never store any equipment with combustible contents such as gasoline.
  2. Make sure your lawn and garden equipment are clean before placing them in your storage unit. The blades should be cleaned of excess dirt, grass or leaves and then washed. Wash the outer part with water and let thoroughly dry before placing in storage.
  3. Remove and sharpen the mower blades.
  4. Put cardboard or a plastic tarp on the ground before storing lawn equipment.
  5. Change the oil and replace the air filter. Also the spark plugs should be changed every few years.
  6. Disconnect the batteries of power equipment to avoid drainage of power, and store them in a cool, dry place within your storage unit. 
  7. Cover the lawn mower with a breathable canvas tarp while in storage.