7 Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale

7 Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale It’s the prime season for garage sales across the country. The spring organizing and cleaning projects have been completed leaving some boxes of items that could be sold or donated. Now it’s time to gather these items and get ready to have a garage or yard sale. If you had stored the garage sale items temporarily in a storage unit until you had time to have a garage sale, now is the time to remove the items from storage and get organized for the sale day. Do your research and find out if there are other homes in your neighborhood doing garage sales the same time that you are. Saturdays are the best day of the week to hold the garage sale. The most bought items at a garage sale are collectibles, tools and sports equipment. Below are some great tips on how to have a good garage sale:

1. Advertising Garage Sale Tips

Make sure to use all of the available outlets for advertising your garage sale such as social media, local newspapers, Craigslist, and putting flyers up in local businesses. There are quite a few websites that will list garage and yard sales in the Baltimore area including: Yard Sales Baltimore or Garage Sales Baltimore. If you are selling larger, more expensive items, place their photos, descriptions and cost on Craigslist the week before your sale.

2. How to Set Up a Garage Sale

It is important to start prepping as early as possible for your garage sale. You do not want to scramble to find things the day of the sale. Start gathering materials that you will need for your sale such as poster board, colored price stickers, masking tape, Ziploc bags, markers and a money box. Save newspapers for wrapping fragile or delicate items. It is also good to have plastic bags and boxes on-hand so your customers can carry away their new items.  On the day of the sale, make sure that you have plenty of ones, fives and change for your money box. Have one person designated to be in charge of the money box, but also have other helpers carry change for instant sales.

3. Create a “Free” Box

People like free items. Set aside one box for free items like posters, smaller photo albums or frames or small children’s toys. This will help get rid of smaller items that you no longer need or want.

4. Appearances are Important

An easy to do garage sale tip is to make sure that your garage sale items are clean and organized. Put like items together in a group, such as all of the kitchen items together on a table. Put the larger, better looking items in the front of the sale, closer to the street, so people can see them as they drive by. Use nice crates, sturdier boxes and shelving units to display your items. Do not use ripped up or damaged boxes for your sale. Use bags to place loose parts of toys, games, collections together.

5. Priced the Items to Sell

Do not over-price your sale items. The whole purpose is to try to make some money off of these items before they will be donated or thrown out. The average price of an item bought at a garage sale is $.85. You want to make sure that you price the items with a bit of “wiggle” room for those people who want to haggle, but still low enough to entice buyers. If it is late in the day on the last day of your sale and you still have a lot to sell, then try slashing the prices to 50% off for the rest of the sale.

6. Give Good Customer Service

Being friendly with the people who are shopping at your garage or yard sale is crucial to having a successful garage sale. Greet people when they walk up to the sale and say “Thank You” and “Goodbye” when they leave. The best time to open for the early morning shoppers is at 7am. Greet these shoppers with coffee or doughnuts. If you are selling children’s items, have a table for the kids to color or do crafts while their parent’s shop the sale. If it is a hot day, have lemonade on hand to purchase.

7. What To Do With Leftover Items

Remember that you were having the garage sale to help clear out the clutter in your home! After the sale, donate or throw away any of the items that you did not sell. You do not want to put the items back into your home. As you know, self storage is great for home storage options. If you do still have some items that you want to keep, then put them back into your storage unit. If you follow these easy tips, then you can have a successful garage sale!