7 Attic Organization Ideas

Attic Organization Ideas Attics often can be the “dumping zone” for storage in a home and attic clean-up projects are usually the last on the “to do” list. An attic can get filled with holiday decorations, trunks full of family heirlooms, books, toys, clothing and other items that you don’t even remember storing. Attics can easily become unorganized and cluttered messes. The attic can be a difficult room to organize because it requires climbing up and down stairs or accessing via a pull-down ladder. If the room is unfinished and the walls are angled, you have to be extra careful!

However, once you have decided to do an attic organization project, you will reap the benefits of having extra storage in your home. Unlike basements that can be damp or can flood, attics are dry. But, attics, especially ones that are not insulated, can experience temperature extremes and higher humidity. The higher temperatures and humidity levels can damage items over a long period of storage. Comic books, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, vinyl records and family photos should not be stored in an attic. The humidity levels could cause these items to crack and warp. Self storage is a great home storage option that can help with attic clean-up projects.

A climate controlled storage unit is the best option for comic books, vinyl records, DVDs, CD’s and cherished family items! Now is a great time for attic organization projects! Once the weather gets too hot or humid, doing these projects would be very uncomfortable. Here are seven tips on how to organize your attic that can easily be accomplished in an afternoon or morning project.

Attic Organization Ideas 

1. Create an attic organization plan. Separate the attic into zones for holiday decorations, clothing or family memorabilia. Keep similar items together so you know where to access them in the future if you need them.

2. Assess the items that you currently have stored in the attic. This is another time to use your storing organization plan: keep in the attic, place in storage, donate, sell or throw away.

3. Promptly place the items that you are not keeping in the attic in their proper places. If you are placing them in self storage, then take them to the storage unit as soon as possible. Postponing can lead you to be stuck in the same clutter cycle.

4. If you have a larger attic, then it would be a good idea to invest in storage solutions such as shelving and large clear plastic bins. The bins are especially good for storing holiday decorations.

5. Place items that you will not need frequently towards the back of the attic, away from the door. Place the items that you might need more often near the door for easy access.

6. Put loose items together in one box or plastic bin. This is a great way to keep toys and collectibles organized as well as to create more storage space in the attic.

7. Once you have organized the attic, it is important to keep it organized! Check on your attic at least once a month. Don’t treat the attic as “Leave it and forget about it”. Every few months, repeat the cleaning and attic organization process to keep yourself organized! Congrats! You have now organized your whole home from top to bottom! Keep an eye on future ezStorage blog posts for more organization and cleaning tips!