14 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

14 Kitchen Cleaning Tips The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where everyone gathers for conversation, meals, homework and get-togethers. It is also the room which needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. The kitchen easily gathers clutter because family member deposit their backpacks, briefcases, purses, wallets, etc. on kitchen counters (or island) as they enter the room. It also has appliances and a variety of other items that sit on counters and gather dust, and appliances requiring cleaning attention every time you use them. Organizing your kitchen is a daunting task, so it usually is the room that gets avoided in spring cleaning or reorganization projects. Kitchen cleaning and organizing projects go hand-in-hand. As you clean the kitchen, it is time to go through those extra appliances and kitchen supplies that you no longer use or have a need for. If you have extra appliances cluttering up your kitchen, think about storing them in a self storage unit. There are many great home storage solutions at ezStorage. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is very important to keep it organized! Our “Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide”  has some great cleaning tips!  We clean our kitchen daily, but at least once a year, it should be deep cleaned. Below are 14 easy kitchen cleaning tips.

How to Clean a Kitchen

  1. Before you start your kitchen cleaning project, create a kitchen organization plan and checklist. Separate your kitchen into areas such as appliances, junk drawers, pantry, cabinets, countertops and drawers. Clean and reorganize one area at a time and then cross that area off of your checklist.
  2. Clean out excess items in each area. Throw away expired food in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry.
  3. Defrost the freezer and clean out the refrigerator. First, unplug or turn off the power to let the freezer defrost. Then, remove the contents. Wipe the freezer down with a solution of one tablespoon of baking soda to one quart of hot water. Also, a fresh box of baking soda placed in your freezer or refrigerator will help prevent odors.
  4. While you have your refrigerator unplugged, clean the coils, doors and sweep behind the refrigerator.
  5. During your kitchen cleaning project, it is important to wipe down the outside of your cabinets first and then remove all of the contents for cleaning. Change the shelving paper before putting items back inside. Place like items together in the cabinets and stack items (bowls, plates or pans) within one another to save space.
  6. Clean the oven and stove. Remove knobs and burners and soak them in a vinegar solution to loosen debris, then rinse them well with hot water before putting them back on the appliance.
  7. Use an oven cleaner per the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that your windows are open when you are using the oven cleaner.
  8. Clean small appliances such as the toaster, coffee maker, blender and microwave. To clean grime from the microwave, put vinegar and water on a sponge and place in the microwave for 1 minute. Remove the sponge and wipe down the grime.
  9. Scrub the sink with cleanser or make a paste with baking soda and water. Use a toothbrush to deep clean the hard to reach spots in the sink.
  10. Clean ceiling fans, windows and floors and wipe down the countertops.
  11. Remove curtains and blinds and clean according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  12. Check the expiration dates on your kitchen cleaning supplies. Dispose of them according to the instruction labels. Replace any needed supplies.
  13. Remember to clean your kitchen as you go. Don’t leave dishes sitting in the sink. Wash them after every meal and put them away in their proper home.
  14. Make it a daily habit to clean off the kitchen counter where bags, keys, and purses get thrown every day. Place a decorative bowl on the counter to put keys and other small object, but after a week, clean through the bowl and put the items in their proper home. Do not let mail pile up on a countertop. Sort the mail daily and throw away catalogs or magazines that you do not plan on reading.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a perfectly clean kitchen.