12 Days of Holiday Decoration Storage Infographic

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care….” By now, families are decorating their homes and preparing for the busy holiday season ahead. The house is aglow with lights and candles and holiday spirit. The Christmas tree is up and decorated and the stockings are hung in hopes that St. Nicolaus will soon be there. There are also shopping bags, boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and ribbons covering every empty surface (and hiding places) in your home. Every home can have a variety of holiday decorations from menorahs to traditional greenery to blow-up outdoor decorations. Christmas tree ornaments come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They can be hand-made from a friend or family member or store-bought. Some of these ornaments hold memories of special family moments and are cherished and passed on from generation to generation. All of our holiday decorations are special to us and need to be treated with extra care when storing, so they can be continued to be shared with future generations. The actual task of decorating and then un-decorating the home after the New Year can be quite a hassle every year. There are many memories of a family member struggling to put the tree up or to wrap a strand of lights on the tree.  Then after the holidays, it is the chore of taking down the tree and figuring out how (and where) to place the Christmas tree in storage. Christmas tree ornaments and lights are usually very delicate and can easily be broken. It is important to know how to properly store Christmas ornaments and holiday indoor/outdoor lights. By using some simple DIY storage and packing tips, holiday decoration storage can be much easier, so the lights, candles, ornaments, Christmas trees, holiday dishes, and lawn decorations can be used for many years to come. ezStorage has created an Infographic for the 12 Days of Holiday Storage to help you figure out how to store all of your holiday items. Sing along with us!