10 Going Back to School Tips for Elementary to High School Students

Monday, August 25th, is the first day of school for the Baltimore city schools and Howard County Schools. This week, however, kids from elementary school to high school are getting ready for back to school. Whether you are a parent with a child going to school for the first time or you are a veteran of “first days”, it is important to be properly prepared for the beginning of the school year. ezStorage created the “Ultimate Back to School Guide for Parents” to help parents of “first timers” as well as parents of older children heading back to school.

Going Back to School Tips for Kids

Here are some important tips to practice for going back to school from elementary age to high school seniors:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep! Start going to bed 10 minutes early now, so you will be adjusted before the first day of school.
  2. Designate a homework only area in the home. This area could be anywhere in the home, but it must not have any disruptions (TV, computer games or other even other family members)!
  3. Prepare for the first day of school the night before. For younger children, pick out your first day outfit and have it sitting out ready for the next morning. Make sure that all of the school supplies that you need to have are packed in your backpack. Also, include any forms that need to be returned to the school administration.
  4. Pack lunches the night before. Make sure that the lunches are healthy. Don’t forget to include a mid-day snack with the lunch for the mid-day “lulls”.
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast. Do not skip breakfast, as it is very important to get a healthy start to get your energy for the day.
  6. Create a family calendar of all events, play dates, and big homework assignments that are due in the first quarter of the school year. Post this calendar in a place where the entire family can see it.
  7. Start school with a positive attitude. This is important with both children and parents. If parents reflect a positive attitude to their children, then that will help their children be positive on their first days.
  8. Start the year off with good study and work habits. Older students should write down work assignments and be able to keep track and finish all homework on time.
  9. For middle school and high school students, know how the school day is arranged. Do you go to homeroom first or do you go to a class first? If you are new to the school, take a tour of the school, so you will know where everything is before the first day.
  10. Be involved in school. Join activities, sports and groups in school. This will help new students acclimate better to the new school.