Top 10 Things to Get Rid of When Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering A HomeLearning how to declutter your home is an important aspect of any spring cleaning project, and with any decluttering project, it is important to focus on the “big payoff” items first. If the storage spaces within your home are already packed full, then it is time to place those household belongings in storage. Self-storage is a great place to store seasonal clothing, extra furniture, collections, or anything else that is cluttering up your home you do not plan on donating or selling.

Decluttering Tips: 10 Things to Get Rid of in a Decluttering Project

  1. Mismatched storage containers: Match up lids to bottoms of storage containers throughout your kitchen. If you can’t find a match, recycle them or throw them away.
  2. Old or unused kitchen equipment: Throw out old and unused kitchen equipment. If it’s gathering dust, it’s taking space you could better use for something else.
  3. Outdated bathroom items: Throw away old and outdated cosmetics, medicine and first aid items. Check the expiration date and clear out space for anything past its prime.
  4. Clothes you don’t wear anymore: Go through your bedroom closets and pull out anything you don’t wear anymore. If it’s still in good shape, donate those items, if it’s not throw it away. For seasonal clothing items, self-storage units could be a great solution for additional decluttering.
  5. Throw out old office equipment: Do you still have a fax machine in your home office? Throw out any office equipment you are no longer using to increase storage space around your home; this include old office supplies like pens, pencils, empty tape dispensers, etc.
  6. Stacks of magazines, newspapers and unread books: Maybe you’re holding on to those magazines because there’s a recipe you wanted to try out, or you just haven’t had time to read that paperback. If several months have passed and you still aren’t getting around to reading them, recycle them or consider donating them to a hospital, school or senior center.
  7. Miscellaneous cords, cables or wires: Many people have a box of random cords and cables for electronics they may not use or even own anymore. Before tossing them, just make sure none of them go to anything you’re currently using.
  8. Unused vases: If you have a stash of vases in a cupboard from various floral gifts, box most of them up and take them back to a local florist. Keep only your favorites.
  9. Expired food and spices: Go through your refrigerator or pantry and check expiration dates. If items are about to expire, make sure you use them up in the next week or so. Anything past the use-by date needs to get tossed.
  10. Paperwork and receipts: Unless you need certain documents and receipts at tax time, start shredding those piles of paperwork on your desk, table, counters, etc.

The more often that you declutter a home, the easier the task will become. For example, instead of a daunting project once a year, follow these decluttering tips on a monthly basis. Keep a bag or a box nearby for items that you can donate, and once the box or bag is full, take it to the donation center. Then repeat this process regularly.

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