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We’ve all been there: playing a real-life game of Tetris with a dozen objects and a finite amount of space. Unfortunately, life rarely works out as neatly as the game does. Today, we’re going to look at some tips to get you sorting, stacking and organizing your storage unit like a pro.

Plan Before You Try to Organize Your Storage Unit

One advantage you have here over the popular puzzle game is the ability to make a game plan based on the pieces you know you will have. Capitalize on that! Take an inventory of the items you will be storing. This will give you an opportunity to identify troublesome items that are too big, bulky or awkward to stack. Also, start thinking about items that fit well together based on shape and size. If you have a lot of items that belong in a particular room, is there a way to keep those items in boxes or containers together? Organizing your storage unit into zones like “bedrooms,” “bathrooms” and “clothing” can streamline your move-in and move-out. Measuring groups of items and sketching out a rough diagram is a good way to firm up your plan of attack. You may want to leave that diagram in your unit after moving in so you have a guide handy when you return.

Maximize Space by Organizing Bins

For smaller items that can be packed together, check out our moving boxes and packing supplies. Keep track of what’s packed where by labeling your storage containers. You may also want to attach an itemized list to each box or bin. Some of your larger items can be used as containers, too. Refrigerators, bookcases and dressers all have real estate that you don’t want to overlook. Just be careful not to exceed recommended weight capacity, and keep labels and lists for any items stored within.

Stack Those Storage Containers

Arrange your storage unit so that items needed often are placed near the front. Always put heavier items in the bottoms of containers, and begin building your stacks with those sturdy foundations. Sofas, loveseats, mattresses and the like can be a little trickier. Springy cushions don’t make for safe and sturdy stacking. Plus, you could damage the furniture if you load it up with heavy items and leave it for extended periods of time. You may want to stand sofas and loveseats on their ends in a corner, but check with the manufacturer first to ensure it’s okay for the item to be stored this way.

Still Puzzled?

If you run into problems, don’t hesitate to ask an ezStorage representative for some pro-tips or check out our self-storage FAQs. Our self-storage professionals are ready to help you seven days a week

The holidays are a time for celebrations with family and friends, but it’s also a time for sharing--particularly with those in need. Even if you can’t donate money, food or other items, your time and involvement with charitable organizations can enrich the lives of others as well as your own.

Washington DC Food Banks

One in seven people in our nation’s capital struggles with hunger. Food banks, food pantries and other programs around the Washington DC area are working to meet the needs of the community. Here are just a few of the many groups, organizations and churches who have rallied to the cause.

Capital Area Food Bank

Food assistance programs, groceries and other aid are some of the ways Capital Area Food Bank is addressing the issue of hunger in Washington DC. Their Digital Food Drive can help your donations provide more bang for the buck with the added benefit of making it even easier for you to participate. If you would prefer a more hands-on approach, they will be happy to put you, your family or your company to work! For Thanksgiving, Capital Area Food Bank’s Turkey at Every Table campaign aims to provide a traditional holiday meal to the more than 700,000 people expected to be struggling this year.

SOME (So Others May Eat)

SOME is a community-based organization with the goal of helping the poor and homeless in Washington DC. With more than 8,000 homeless and nearly one in five residents of our nation’s capital living at or below the poverty line, they need your help. Their services include job training, counseling, affordable housing, clothing, food, and more. Donations of your time, money or food are always welcome. Your family, friends, or co-workers might consider contributing to this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner Basket program. It’s an easy and fun way to lift the spirits of someone experiencing hardships this season.

Salvation Army Washington DC

The Salvation Army is active year-round in making a difference throughout the Washington DC area. By providing hot meals, bill-paying assistance and more long-term solutions, they reach the community in a variety of ways. You may have dropped some coins in the Red Kettle to the sound of jingling bells, but there are other ways you can make an impact. With seasonal supply drives seeking coats, toys, school supplies and other necessities, or with donations of vehicles or monetary gifts, your contributions can make a positive change in the lives of others. The holidays offer many seasonal opportunities, or you can also volunteer for year-round positions. 

Thank you for being such a caring community. It’s a privilege for our ezStorage team throughout our storage unit facilities in the Washington, D.C. area to serve those who serve others.

The holidays tend to be a busy time of year, packed with parties, festive decorations, houseguests, presents and more. If the clutter is cramping your style, ezStorage can lend a helping hand for this holiday season.

Free Up a Guest Room with Holiday Storage

When family and friends visit this season, you might end up with more guests than your home can handle. If you have an exercise, activity or “junk” room, consider placing some or all of those items in a self-storage unit to make a temporary guest room available. A few boxes here and there might not be a problem for the attic, basement or garage, but getting bigger, bulkier items up and down stairs or ladders can be difficult or downright dangerous!

A self-storage unit gives you more space and greater flexibility in how you store and organize your belongings. With units ranging in size from 5’ x 5’ all the way up to 10’ x 30’ (and with most units generally measuring 8’ in height), ezStorage has a number of options for you. Our storage unit size guide can help you find the right space to fit your needs. There are other features to consider like climate-controlled storage, interior units and drive-up units. You can learn more about ezStorage facilities from our video guides, and our knowledgeable self-storage professionals are ready to answer any additional questions you might have.

Santa’s Helpers Can Use Holiday Self-Storage

It’s easy for jolly old Saint Nick to keep his presents a surprise until Christmas Day; they’re hidden away at the North Pole! If you need a hand keeping prying eyes off the prize inside of a package, an offsite storage location might be just the ticket. The gates are accessible during the week so you can store the holiday stash after a long day of shopping.

Christmas Decoration Storage

Once the holidays are over, it’s time to stow away all of those lights, stockings, ornaments and other festive items. Take this opportunity to clear out broken items that cannot be repaired. Pack any delicate items carefully with tissue paper or bubble wrap and in separate containers whenever possible. You can organize items with storage bins or boxes to make next year’s setup even easier. Keeping an itemized list of each container’s contents is one gift you’ll be glad you gave yourself next winter! If you need a hand with moving and packing supplies, stop by your nearest ezStorage facility so we can help. 

Happy Holidays from ezStorage! Stop by any of our locations in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas, and let us assist you with your holiday self-storage (or more long-term) needs.

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