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Memorial Day DCMemorial Day was declared as an official federal holiday by the United States Congress in 1971. It is a day reserved to honor the brave men and women who died in military service while protecting the many freedoms we enjoy as Americans. The holiday was originally called Decoration Day, starting a few years after the end of the Civil War, before evolving into what it is today.

There are many Memorial Day events in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas, from festivals, concerts and parades to solemn ceremonies honoring the fallen heroes who served our great nation. Below are a handful of those events worth checking out with friends and family as we celebrate 2016 Memorial Weekend throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. region.

Memorial Day Events Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is the epicenter for Memorial Day events throughout Memorial Weekend. The events begin on Sunday and extend throughout the day on Monday all across the Washington, D.C. area. Below are a few events to head to if you’re looking for a great way to celebrate the holiday this year.

Memorial Weekend Events - National Memorial Day Concert

PBS sponsors a free concert on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 8 pm ET. The concert features actors Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise, along with the National Symphony Orchestra and other notable guests. Gates open at 5pm for this concert.

Memorial Weekend Events - Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally

Thousands of motorcycles ride through Washington, D.C. in their annual quest to improve veteran benefits and resolve POW/MIA issues for our military vets. The motorcycle brigade departs from the Pentagon on Sunday, May 29, 2016 as a musical tribute band plays nearby at 1:30 pm ET across from The Lincoln Memorial.

Memorial Day Events - National Memorial Day Parade

The parade of Marching Bands and Veterans units from all 50 states takes place on Monday, May 30, 2016. The parade begins at 2 pm ET, stepping off from the corner of Constitution Avenue and 7th Streets, NW. It proceeds past the White House while celebrating our great veterans along the way before ending at 17th Street. This is a great event for the whole family while enjoying a day off from work and school.

Memorial Weekend Events - Hometown Holidays

This music festival features live performances by several bands from May 28-20. An armed forces tribute and Memorial Day Parade is also a part of the festivities. The event is free on Saturday and Sunday and is open to the public from 2-10pm ET on each day. On Monday, the musical celebration continues from 9am-1pm ET. The Hometown Holidays event is located at Rockville Town Center in Rockville, MD.

Memorial Day Events Baltimore

There are also many events to celebrate Memorial Day in Baltimore throughout Memorial Weekend. From children’s rides and family activities to multiple stages for entertainment and festivals, there will be plenty of activity throughout the Baltimore area. Below are a few of the many great events your whole family can enjoy in less than a one-day trip from Baltimore.

Memorial Weekend Events - Red, White and Blue Memorial Weekend Dance

On Friday, May 27, kick off your Memorial Weekend with the Red, White and Blue Memorial Weekend Dance at the American Legion Towson Post on 125 York Road. Josh and Good Old Stuff will be playing for the Friday Night Dance Club, and doors open at 8pm ET. The cost for admission is $15, $12 with student ID. If you’re a novice dancer, lessons are offered an hour before this patriotic event that officially starts at 9 pm ET.

Memorial Day Events - Wreath Laying Ceremony

On May 30, this wreath laying ceremony will feature live music and a 21-gun salute in honor of the armed forces men and women who died in service. The Memorial Day Event is free to the public, and scheduled for 10am-noon at the Circle of the Immortals in Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Timonium, MD.

There are many other great things to do over the Memorial Weekend as well, and we encourage you to take part in this annual celebration to honor our fallen heroes. While you’re in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area, there are also many historical places, parks and beaches that can visit. Enjoy the holiday and take a moment to think about those who have served to protect our freedoms while making the ultimate sacrifice.

At ezStorage, we take great pride in offering military storage discounts to the brave men and women who defend our country. Visit any of our 45 Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area locations to find out how we can make your military storage experience simple, whether you're stationed just down the street or thousands of miles away. From all of us at ezStorage, thank you for your service and have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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Moving A Pool TableIf you will be moving a pool table and placing it in storage, there are a few steps you need to take to not only make the moving process a bit easier, but also to ensure you keep your pool table damage-free. These steps are especially important if you’ll be moving it yourself.

How to Move a Pool Table

Moving a pool table will require a complete disassembly of the table along with using some muscle power! First of all, consult the manual that came along with your pool table to ensure you’re following the proper procedures for your brand or style of table. Then, make sure you enlist a few friends to help you move this heavy, bulky and wide item. You’ll also need some tools before you begin the process; a staple puller, a set of flat head screwdrivers, a socket wrench, power drill, and safety goggles. You should also plan on having some packing materials like bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing tape and sealable plastic bags for the small pieces.

Here are the proper steps to take before your attempt at moving a pool table:

  • Remove the pockets. The six side pockets will be attached with staples or screws, so use the staple puller or screwdriver to unfasten them. Make sure you are wearing your safety goggles to protect your eyes from potentially flying small parts.
  • Disengage the rails. Use a socket wrench to loosen the bolts holding in the rails, then slide them out gently with some assistance from friends, placing the rails on a moving blanket for safe transport. Keep all the bolts, screws, nuts and other small pieces sealed together in a plastic bag.
  • Take off the felt. Removing the felt is a very delicate process, unless you’ll be replacing it after the move. The felt will either be stapled to the pool table or glued in place. Carefully remove the staples to release it, or pull the felt up very gently in a backward motion if it’s glued on. Try not to stretch it or pull on it, as it will lose its shape easily. Fold the felt carefully once you have gotten it up off the table.
  • Remove the slate. Removing the slate is where your helpers will really come into play. The slate may be in one to three pieces and can weigh a total of around 800 pounds! The slate will be screwed down and needs to be removed with a power drill. Again, keep all the screws and pieces together in a plastic bag. Once the screws have been removed, use the combined strength of your helpers to lift the slate off the frame and set it down on a moving blanket.
  • Remove the frame and legs. Finally, the last step before moving a pool table is flipping it over to remove each leg from the frame, as well as any other detachable pieces.

Once the pool table is completely disassembled, it is ready to be moved. Wrap up all the larger pieces in the moving blankets, individually wrapping each slate, rail, leg and frame and secure them with packing tape. It’s important to be very cautious when placing the slate on the moving truck, too. Use an appliance dolly to help get it up the loading ramp, and if there is more than one slate they can be stacked once on board.

How to Store a Pool Table

Now that you know how to move a pool table, the next step is knowing how to store a pool table properly. First of all, you should consider renting a climate controlled self storage unit for your pool table, as the constant temperature will ensure the wood will not warp or buckle.

Place plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage unit and lay the slate on top of it, covering each individual piece with more plastic adhered with packing tape before stacking the next piece on top (if there was more than one piece of slate). Keep the other elements of the pool table wrapped in the moving blankets and set them on top of the slate- the frame, legs and pockets. The felt should be kept folded neatly in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from damage. Finally, keep the bags of screws, nuts and bolts with the table parts so you’ll have everything ready to go for reassembly.

If you need to store a pool table or other larger items, consider ezStorage for all your household storage needs. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes perfect for all your sports equipment storage large or small, throughout the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas.

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College Storage SolutionsThe end of the school year is a busy time for college students, who not only have finals to take and papers to turn in, but also have to start packing up their dorm rooms or apartments to get ready for summer. As you get ready to pack up a year’s worth of belongings, you might be surprised by how much you have accumulated; things like school supplies, books, sports equipment, clothing, electronics, and possibly even furniture. Unless you’re staying on campus this summer, all of these items will need to get packed up and moved back home.

Some students might be questioning if their parents even have ample storage for college dorms belongings in their home. Instead of hauling all your possessions into a childhood bedroom for the next several months, renting a self-storage unit is a great option to not only make your move easier, but also to ensure your belongings are safe and kept closer to campus for when you need them again in the fall.

5 Reasons to Choose Self-Storage as a College Storage Solution this Summer

Self-storage offers a variety of benefits for college students, including:

  1. The right size unit for college dorm storage. Self-storage facilities have a variety of storage unit sizes available, so you can be sure you are renting the perfect size for your belongings and your budget. Most students find that a 5x5 unit offers the right amount of space for clothes, books and supplies, and a 5x10 unit is perfect for mattresses, furniture and smaller items.
  2. Peace of mind belongings will be safe. If heading home for the summer means a long drive, why stuff the car for a long, uncomfortable ride home only to do the same when you return in the fall? Storage for college dorms at a nearby self-storage facility means an easier time on the road or even flying home, plus many facilities have security features like gated entry, security cameras and door alarms to ensure everything will be safe throughout the summer. You can even choose to rent a climate controlled unit for your more delicate items.
  3. Makes finding new housing easier. For students who have recently graduated, renting a self-storage unit is also a great way to start the next chapter of life, especially for those who are perhaps moving in with a friend or into a smaller apartment until they find permanent housing.
  4. Month-to-month rentals. Rent your unit for just the right amount of time with a month-to-month lease! This is great for college dorm storage and means you can easily keep your belongings closer to campus over the summer months, eliminating the need to transport them any great distance.
  5. More space at your parents’ house. After college students leave for the school year, it’s typical for parents to convert those empty bedrooms into guest bedrooms or offices, or even a workout room. They did not intend their home to become storage for college dorms over the summer. This means you’re possibly going home to a room you’re not used to, you’ll have far less space to keep all your belongings over the summer.

College Student Storage Solutions from ezStorage

Store and win with ezStorage this summer! Our annual promotion and sweepstakes for college students or faculty offers a substantial savings when you rent a storage unit at any of our 46 storage facilities now through June 30, 2016. Utilize your local ezStorage facility for your summer college storage solution and you will not only receive your first month’s rent free, but while supplies last, you will also receive a free USB drive and 10 percent off your rent through September 30, 2016! Not only that, but once a student or faculty member rents a storage unit, they are automatically entered in our sweepstakes to win one of three Apple iPad Airs. See the ezStorage website for specific rules and restrictions.

ezStorage congratulates the Class of 2016 and wishes underclassmen and faculty a great summer! Find a storage unit near you for all your college storage needs and make your move this summer that much easier.


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