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More than 171 million Americans planned to take part in Halloween festivities this year with estimated spending expected to reach $8.4 billion. Nearly half of the people questioned in the National Retail Federation’s annual survey planned to decorate their homes–accounting for more than a quarter of that staggering total. That’s a lot of cobwebs, creepy clown masks and cauldrons! But now that the party has died down, where does all that stuff go? Read on for some tips on cleaning and decluttering to prevent your house from being haunted by the ghosts of holidays past.

Designated Halloween Storage Containers

Sure, it’s exciting to be surprised by a random holiday when you open an assortment of nondescript boxes. However, your setup and cleanup are both much simpler when you have clearly labeled or color-coded containers.

  • Sealed plastic containers are good for keeping moisture, bugs and other nasty surprises from ruining your decorations.
  • Maximize your space by storing smaller items insider larger, hollow ones.
  • Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items.
  • Label the containers with a complete list of contents.
  • If stacking multiple containers, make sure the heaviest, most structurally sound box or bin is on the bottom.

Storing Halloween Decorations that Hang

Some decorations need to hang in order to protect and preserve their shape. You can make the most of a hook or rack by hanging multiple items one in front of the other. If your items are made with fabric or other sensitive materials, you may want to consider a sealable garment bag. Costumes and masks could fit into this category as well. Many times, they will include a label with care instructions. To make sure you look your costumes look their best next year, pay special attention to those recommendations.

Other Notes On Halloween Storage

Light strands can be wrapped around ordinary extension cord wraps in order to keep them tangle free. If you’ll be stacking multiple reels, use a cloth or padding to insulate the wraps from one another and their surroundings. Glass, fabric and other materials can be sensitive to sunlight. To avoid fading, make sure you have these covered with acid-free tissue or packing materials like bubble wrap. Many of these items are also vulnerable to extreme temperatures and humidity--making your attic, basement or garage poor choices for long-term storage. Consider one of our climate-controlled storage units to help preserve the longevity of your decorations. ezStorage has a wide variety of locations, self-storage units, and moving and packing supplies. Talk to one of our self-storage professionals to find a solution that fits your needs.

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We’ve talked about how to store your shoes to extend their life, but what do you do if your untidy hat collection makes you want to pull out your hair? These handy hat storage tips are a good place to start!

How to Store Hats with Style

Putting things away doesn’t mean they have to be out of sight, right? Maybe you have one or two really nice hats that only get used when you’re in your Sunday best. Or maybe you have an impressive collection of caps from your hometown team. Why not show them off with a wall display! It can be as simple as hanging a picture on the wall with the use of some nails or adhesive-backed hooks. Of, if you don’t want them directly on the walls, you could use a corkboard. A decorative coat rack can be another stylish piece to display your favorite head coverings while keeping them out of the way. These are just a few of the ways you can turn your hat collection into a conversation starter.

Storing Hats Out of Sight

If you would rather keep your hats in the closet until they’re part of your outfit, we have some ideas for you, too. The wall display might work in the closet. If your closet walls have some spare headroom, you can line the perimeter with hooks or nails for hat storage up high. For those of you with a variety of visors, caps, and other decorative headdress with adjustable bands, a coat hanger and some shower curtain rings can hold quite a few pieces. An over-the-door shoe organizer could be repurposed into hat storage for less bulky items like caps and winter hats. It’s not bad for gloves and mittens either if you want to make it more of a seasonal accessory organizer. When protecting the shape and more fragile elements of your dressier bowlers and bonnets is a concern, you will probably want to store those in a hatbox. Some nicer-looking hatboxes could work as home decor or in closet storage, so stack for style or space as you please!

Climate-Controlled Storage for Hats and Other Sensitive Items

Whether you’re storing hats in your home or in a self-storage unit, you will want to make sure the space is protected against extreme temperature and humidity. Don’t leave your prized headgear to fend for itself against the elements. With more than 45 ezStorage locations located in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., we have a facility with climate-controlled storage near you. We also sell packing supplies and moving boxes in a variety of sizes. Talk to an ezStorage professional today for additional help in finding a storage solution that fits your needs.

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Last time, we took a look at Halloween happenings in and around Baltimore. Many of those are worth checking out if you’re in the DC area, too. But, here are a few other frightfully fun Halloween events happening near you.

Washington DC Halloween Events for Families

Scare up some treats and hike the haunted trails with Boo at the Zoo October 21st through 23rd at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Our nation’s haunted history is featured on several ghost tours – some of which are suitable for children.

  • Soul Strolls at the Historic Congressional Cemetery are hour-long excursions telling the stories of the 65,000+ individuals laid to rest there.
  • Tour Haunted Lafayette Square with Historic Strolls’ Ghost Story Tour of Washington. This tour features local ghost lore and eyewitness accounts of hauntings.
  • Scary DC offers customized age-appropriate tours for all kinds of groups from school-age to golden age.

Adult Halloween Events in Washington DC

The National Zoo has something for the grown-ups, too. On October 28th, check out Night of the Living Zoo when it will add spooktacular shows including fire eaters, illusionists, palm readers and more. Take to the water on the Halloween “Boo” moonlight cruise for an evening of music, dancing, costume contests and haunting moonlit views. Scream City Washington DC is sure to get your heart racing with thrills and chills spread across two separate themed haunted house areas. If you’d rather focus on the “ha” in Halloween, yuk it up at HA!lloween . Local comics, a costume contest and more mischievous merriment is all on tap. Maybe a monstrous party is more your thing? There’s the Huge Annual Halloween Graveyard Jam. Transylvania comes to DC for a night filled with dancing and entertainment including a costume contest with a grand prize that will take you to the Caribbean. A tradition since 1986, the High Heel Race is a truly unique event in Washington DC. Hundreds of drag queens show off extravagant costumes in a race down Historic 17th Street NW.

Self-Storage Solutions in Washington DC

When it’s time to clean up the post-Halloween mess and you find yourself running out of room, there’s no need to fear! ezStorage has storage locations around the Washington DC area with experts on staff who are ready to assist you. In fact, we have some holiday decoration storage tips coming up for you soon. Until then, Happy Halloween from your neighbors at ezStorage!

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