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Santa holds a donation container for a charity The holiday season is a time for spending time with family and friends, watching holiday movies or gathered around the dinner table. But for some people, the holiday season isn’t so merry and bright. This holiday season, make a donation to change or better someone else’s life by donating to one of these worthy charities.

Worthy Charitable Donations Nearby Washington, DC

Shepherd’s Table: Since 1983, Shepherd’s Table has provided those who are homeless or in need with access to food, medical support, clothing, social services and other basic services. In 1999, The Eye Clinic was opened to help those who are uninsured have access to free vision testing, glaucoma screening and prescription glasses. Donations can be made online to the Shepherd’s Table.

DC Central Kitchen: The DC Central Kitchen takes donations from local grocery stores, farms and other sources that would otherwise be wasted, and turns it into over 5000 healthy meals. The meals are prepared by graduates of the Culinary Job Training program, a program put on by the DC Central Kitchen that seeks to end the circle of poverty by training adults for jobs in the food industry. These meals are then donated to more than 80 other partner agencies consisting of homeless shelters, after-school programs and rehabilitation clinics. Donations to DC Central Kitchen can be made online.

Baltimore, MD Charity Donations

Maryland New Directions: Maryland New Directions has offered free employment coaching and specialized career training courses to residents in the Baltimore area for 44 years. Maryland New Directions strives to help those who have experienced a career or life transition overcome the barriers often associated with those transitions. Donations to Maryland New Directions can be made online.

Nationwide Charities Seeking Donations

St Jude’s Children Research Hospital: Families from all over the world can come to St Jude’s and their child will receive world class care, for free. The mission of St Jude’s is that no family will ever receive a bill for treatment, housing, travel or food. In order for St Jude’s to operate, they rely on 75% of their funding coming from generous donors. This holiday season, help St Jude’s make the difference in the life of child with cancer by making a donation to St Jude’s. Donations can be made online to St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

Toys for Tots: Over the last 10 years, ezStorage has been a proud supporter of Toys for Tots. What started as a charity benefiting kids in Los Angele’s, California, grew into a nationwide program. Toys for Tots seeks to send a message of hope to less fortunate children through a gift of a new toy. Donations to Toys for Tots can be made online or at the Bel Air, Westminster, Bowie, Gaithersburg or Odenton ezStorage location.

Young adults enjoying a New Year’s Eve partyNew Year’s Eve is just around the corner. This is a time of celebrating the triumphs of the past year while looking forward to the new year. Whether you are looking for a night out on the town, a family fun evening or a date night for you and your significant other, Baltimore, MD and Washington DC are filled with exciting options.

Nearby Maryland and Baltimore New Year’s Eve Events

  1. Family Friendly Events in Annapolis, MD: If you’re looking for an alcohol free and family oriented New Year’s Eve event, head to Annapolis, MD for a “First Night” based evening. Admission to this event is free. This event includes live music, family friendly entertainment and a firework display at both 5:30 PM and midnight.
  2. Big Night Baltimore New Year’s Eve Extravaganza: The Radisson Hotel in Downtown Baltimore is hosting a spectacular New Year’s Eve event! Tickets include an open bar, party favors, multiple dance floors to enjoy and so much more! Tickets can be purchased online. Hotel reservations can be made separately.
  3. Charm City Countdown: The Charm City Countdown is back at the Hilton BWI Hotel for the 10th year in a row! Tickets to the event include a gourmet buffet, open bar, live entertainment, casino action and so much more. VIP tickets are also available with access to upgraded food, a top shelf bar and additional rooms filled with entertainment. Tickets can be purchased online.
  4. Family New Year’s Eve Party: Adventure Park USA is hosting a family friendly New Year’s Eve event! This event runs from 9pm to 12:30 am and include access to all inside Adventure Park USA attractions, a light meal and video games. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Nearby Maryland and DC New Year’s Eve Events

  1. Downtown Countdown: The Hilton Hotel is hosting a New Year’s Eve mega party event complete with an open bar and live music. This event will include live music by the headliner, DJ Vice, comedy entertainment, a balloon drop and additional amenities.
  2. New Year’s Eve at a Local DC Restaurant: If you’re looking for a quiet date night, head to a local Washington, DC restaurant for a special dinner with your significant other. Many dinners even include a champagne toast, dancing and entertainment. Be warned that many prices offered at these restaurants are fixed and advanced reservation is required.
  3. Midnight at 7: The Merriweather Post Pavilion is hosting a family friendly event celebrating the New Year. This event will include a firework display at 7pm, music, children’s activities, giveaways and a stroll through a path of outdoor events. Tickets can be purchased online.

Have a Happy New Year!

No matter how you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve, whether it’s a night out on the town, a fancy black tie event or a family friendly evening, have fun and be safe! Happy New Year from ezStorage and thank you for choosing to rent with us in 2017!

Fish in a tank before being sold and the tank being storedAn aquarium filled with living plants and animals is extremely delicate. As much as you try to keep their ecosystem untouched and consistent, if you are moving, that is not possible. Moving a fish tank is difficult and can be a lot of work, but for a hobbyist or just a fish enthusiast, it will be worth it. Try out these tips to safely move your fish from one location to another! There are a few things to consider when moving fish. 1. What Kind of Fish are You Planning on Moving? Different species of fish will be able to withstand a move easier than others. Before moving your fish, spend time researching if they are fit for the move. 2. How Long Is Your Move? A short move will be less stressful for your fish than a long move. Before moving your fish, determine the risk associated with moving them. There is a greater chance that your fish will not survive a long move. If there is a slim chance of your fish surviving a move, do not put them through it.

Moving my Aquarium is Too Risky. What Do I Do With my Fish?

If you deem that it is too risky to bring your fish with you to your new location, try to find a friend or local fish store that will take your fish in. If a friend is unable to take the fish, you may receive store credit for giving fish back to a pet store.

Moving an Aquarium in Four Easy Steps

  1. Stop Feeding Your Fish 24-48 Hours Before the Move: This will give the fish enough time to digest their food and result in less stress during the move. Don’t stress about your gilled friend going hungry, fish can survive up to a week without food.
  2. Save the Tank Water: If you’re only moving a short distance, consider saving some of the water to put back in the tank. This will cut back on the amount of time it takes to cycle the tank and will result in an easier transition for the fish. Water from your tank can be transported to your new home using buckets. Only use buckets that have never been used with chemicals.
  3. Prepare Fish for Travel Accordingly: If you’re moving a short distance, fish can be bagged individually for travel. Make sure there is an ample amount of air in the bag, or visit a pet store and have them put pure oxygen in the bag. For a long-distance move, fish will best travel in 5 gallon buckets. If your move will last multiple days, consider visiting your local pet store and asking about their boarding policy. This is the best option because the fish can simply be air shipped when you arrive at your destination.
  4. Pack the Tank Accessories: Before moving the fish tank, remove all gravel and fish tank decorations. All individual pieces like the lid, filter and heater should be wrapped individually. Place the fish tank inside of the box it came in. Any remaining space in the box should be filled with foam or crushed up paper.

Do you Need a Place to Store Your Fish Tank?

If you’ve decided the smart decision is to give your fish to friends or back to the pet store and no longer have a use for your fish tank, consider storing your fish tank in a storage unit. An empty fish tank is useless to have around the house and can result in unnecessary clutter. Instead of leaving a fish tank in the house taking up space, consider using a storage unit to store your fish tank. A storage unit will not only keep your fish tank for cluttering your home, it will also keep it in a secure location. ezStorage has locations throughout Maryland and Virginia ready for any of your storage needs. Contact us today!


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