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Organizing your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Store bought decorative containers can cost upwards of 20 dollars and sometimes wind up looking plain or generic, leaving you unwilling to display them in your home. Worse yet, it may be difficult to find a container that fits your specific needs. Instead of buying store bought containers, convert some common items found at home into your own DIY storage box masterpiece. DIY projects are a great, rewarding way to recycle old useless items into a brand-new item!

5 Must Read DIY Storage Ideas

1. Cereal boxes: If you have young kids, you know how quickly papers will pile up. Permission slips for field trips, snack lists for soccer games, information packets for the school play… the list goes on and on. Instead of throwing your papers on counters or in junk drawers, turn an old cereal box into a paper organizer and keep your papers neat! This hack is simple and inexpensive, all you need is an old cereal box, colorful paper, tape and magnets! This craft is also kid friendly, let them design and decorate their own personal paper organizer! If you have a few more cereal boxes, and lots of drawers that need organized, turn your old cereal boxes into fun drawer dividers!

2. Coffee Containers: Do you have old coffee containers laying around? Try out this trendy, low cost, storage hack! Coffee containers come in various sizes. Arrange your painted coffee containers on your table or mantle to create a unique display. The best part is, no one will be able to guess that these storage units were created from empty plastic coffee containers.

3. Grocery Bags: Unless you use reusable grocery bags, you most likely have an abundance of plastic bags stored under your sink or in your panty. A common and frustrating issue in households is finding a functional way to store and organize their plastic bags. If you have an old box, fabric or paper and some glue, you can easily create a simple way to store your bags!

4. Ice Cube Trays: No mystery to you, jewelry can be very expensive. As expensive as jewelry is, it’s also inconveniently small and easy to misplace. Everyone knows the pain of losing one earring, or worse, a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value. Avoid losing your jewelry by storing it in ice cube trays! With their deep pockets, Ice cube trays are an inexpensive way to store and collect your jewelry.

5. Coffee Creamer: Transform used coffee creamer containers into easy food storage containers! These storage containers are a great way to keep your pantry organized. Long car ride with kids? Pack one of these containers filled with snacks!

ezStorage is Here to Help with Your Storage Needs

Do you have further home organization needs? ezStorage offers various storage unit sizes at several convenient locations! Visit an ezStorage near you today!

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There are several reasons to support hiring a moving company on moving day. There are also several reasons to support saving that expense and moving your boxes and furniture into your new home yourself. This article offers the top pros and cons for hiring movers on moving day, along with a list of moving companies near me in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Pros of Hiring a Moving Company

Minimize stress: Carrying boxes and furniture into and out of your home throughout moving day will take its toll on your body. Investing in a moving service can help you avoid that stress and save valuable energy along the way.

Additional Labor: Nobody can move alone, and it’s not always easy to get your friends and family to volunteer. Hiring a moving company will solve this issue while also ensuring the proper tools, equipment and moving supplies needed for a successful move.

Valuable Experience: Professional movers understand the best way to load and unload a moving truck. This is one of the reasons that will ultimately help the move go as quickly and safely as possible while keeping you organized along the way.

Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

Financial Investment: You just invested significant money in a new home along with new furniture and décor. If you have friends and family willing to help you move, you could save the money you’d need to spend with movers and do it yourself.

Personal Touch: Movers may be more inclined to rush through their job and break your fragile belongings as a result. By moving yourself, you will be more inclined to offer that personal touch to ensure everything will stay in one piece.

Avoid Moving Scams: Unfortunately, not all moving companies have your best interest at heart. If you don’t spend time doing your research and properly vetting the moving company you hire, you can risk the potential of falling into a moving day scam that could cost you time and money.

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ezStorage is a self-storage company with locations throughout the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Virginia available to assist with your next moving day. We offer moving boxes and packing supplies, along with solutions for all your household storage or business storage needs. Our expert storage team is standing by to help answer your questions today.

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Artwork serves many purposes in our lives. You may buy artwork because it adds vibrant color or interesting patterns to a room. Or maybe you buy artwork for the way it makes you feel. A great piece of artwork may help you understand a situation from the artist’s perspective, or it may do something as simple as match your couch or drapes. Regardless of why you buy art, these Baltimore & Maryland art shows below are sure to please!

If You Live Nearby the DC Area, check out These Local Summer Art Shows 

First Sunday Arts Festival 2017

The first Sunday in every month from May through December you can enjoy the First Sunday Arts Festival in Annapolis, MD! Located between the intersection of Calvert and West Streets in Historic Downtown Annapolis, MD, this popular festival draws in a crowd of 45,000 attendees annually. So, come enjoy live entertainment, 130 artists, craft booths and food trucks. Admission is free!

Art All Made in DC 2017

This September 2017, come visit the Art All Made in DC festival! This unique festival features artists and artwork created in the District of Columbia, with the exception of a select few international artists. Watch for the date of the festival to be announced!

The Fiore’s Annual Art, Jazz & Wine Festival

On August 19th, come to the Fiore Winery for a day of art, live jazz, winery tours and tastings and various kinds of foods. Mark your calendars, this event runs from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM!

Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show

From Thursday August 24th through Sunday August 27th, visit the Baltimore Art, Antique and Jewelry Show in The Baltimore Convention Center. This art show showcases a furniture collection, glass, textiles, major works of art as well as jewelry. Tickets cost $20 and are available online. 

The Columbia Art Festival on The Plaza

Saturday September 9th and Sunday September 10th, attend The Columbia Art Festival on the Plaza! The event will be held in the Mall of Columbia. Admission is free, so check it out!

Do You Need More Space to Display Your New Artwork

Declutter your home and make room for your current collection of artwork with your new artwork by storing with ezStorage! ezStorage has 47 locations throughout Maryland and Virginia ready to meet your storage needs! Contact us today!

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