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How to Store Power Tools

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Organizing and storing power tools properly requires planning and it’s different for everyone. Power tool storage solutions may vary depending on how many tools you have. Tool storage solutions may also be dictated by how often you will need to use your tools, along with how much space you have available to store them. But regardless of your specific needs for storing power tools, there are simple steps that everyone can take in order to keep your construction tool storage safe and organized.

The first step is to ask the following questions in order to determine your individual power tool storage needs.

  • How many power tools do you need to store?
  • When is the next time you will need to use your power tools?
  • What are the size requirements for the tools you will need to store?
  • Who will be accessing your power tools while they are in storage?

Storing Power Tools for Seasonal and Daily Use

If you work in the construction or landscaping industry, you probably use your tools on a regular basis. So it’s important to first differentiate seasonal power tool storage from storing power tools for daily use. As far as tool storage solutions for daily use, we recommend storing power tools in plastic bins that can be temporarily kept at your job site. The bins create an effective seal keeping water and other contaminants out, while making them relatively easy to access. Bins are also a power tool storage option that have the added bonus of being easy to load into a truck or van, making it simple to transport your tools to job sites.

Power Tool Storage

If you are packing your tools away for the season, or simply do not have the space to store your tools at your job site or home, self-storage units are a great tool storage solution. You can use bins to safely store power tools within a storage unit while also keeping the unit organized. Creating a running inventory list of what you are storing is highly recommended as well, and an important aspect of how to store power tools properly in an effective power tool storage system. This will also make accessing your items while storing power tools in your storage unit much simpler, ensuring you aren’t wasting time preparing for a job by searching for your equipment.

Self Storage as a Tool Storage Solutions

ezStorage offers a variety of self-storage units in different sizes, with options including drive-up units and climate controlled units. We have many solutions that will be sure to meet your power tool storage needs large or small. To discuss availability and get a quote, call our self-storage experts today at: 877-467-8673.

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