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Tips for Storing a Computer in Self-Storage

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We are a society dependent on our technology, from computers to smartphones to large screen televisions. Maintain your investment by properly protecting these items from damage during a move. It is important to plan ahead, keep all electronic equipment components together and be as organized as possible when placing these items in storage.

Preparing for Storing a Computer or other Electronics

Be prepared for storing or moving any electronic devices by having the proper moving and packing supplies such as sturdy boxes, newsprint, bubble wrap and packaging tape. You should also have scissors and markers handy to label your storage boxes.

Before storing a computer, make sure to do a back-up of any data onto multiple devices (such as uploading to online or cloud storage or an external hard drive), so your data will not be lost. As with any electronic item, consult the owner’s manual or brand website for specific information for packing and storing. In order to keep your belongings safe and able to be used in the future, you should follow some of the tips for storing electronics or a computer below:

Tips for Storing a Computer and other Electronic Devices

  • Remove CDs, DVDs and other materials from the computer when preparing for storage.
  • Before detaching any connections, take a picture of the back of the electronic items so you know how to reconnect the wires. Use this as a reference when you are setting up the computer in your new home.
  • Detach the wires and other accessories that go along with your electronics (keyboard, mouse, speakers). Bundle the wires together. Label each wire with a specific color sticker that coincides with its equipment. Keep smaller components together in a plastic bag attached to the electronic item.
  • Make a list of everything that is placed within the box. Put this in the box for reference when you are unpacking.
  • If available, use the original boxes with the original packing material for storing. This is the optimum electronics packing solution, as the items will already fit in the specially designed product boxes.
  • If you can’t store computer monitors or TV screens in the original box, wrap them in anti-static foam or cardboard to keep the screens protected and place in an appropriate-sized box. Add additional filler material in the box for protection. Seal the boxes completely with packing tape.
  • Do not wrap a computer in plastic.
  • Label electronics as fragile, especially if you are storing computer screens outside the box.
  • Cover electronics with a 100% cotton sheet or a canvas while in storage.
  • Keep electronics stored off of the ground on a shelf, pallet or riser.
  • Store the electronic items towards the back of the storage unit for added protection.

It is critical to protect your electronics while moving so you will be able to use the items for many years to come. Self storage is a great home storage solution to keep your electronic items protected until you need them again.

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