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Tips for Restaurant and Catering Storage

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If you are a restaurant owner, self-storage can provide a useful place to keep equipment when you aren’t using it, especially in the off season. Whether you own a restaurant or operate a catering business – or both – you may find that you lack the space on site to keep all your supplies. Self-storage is a convenient option that allows you to house your equipment in a safe, clean environment.

A self-storage unit provides business storage in a variety of helpful ways for caterers and restauranteurs. Refer to our restaurant and catering storage solutions below for ideas on how it can help you organize your equipment.


Placing furniture in self-storage is especially helpful for catering storage, though restaurants can benefit from it too. While caters may need to bring a variety of tables and chairs to each event, restaurant owners may need somewhere to keep excess furniture throughout the year. Owners may find that different times of the year necessitate more tables, and using storage for restaurants provides a simple place to keep extra furniture when not needed.

Inventory and Supplies

The catering and restaurant business requires a lot of inventory and supplies, from silverware, dishes, pots, pans, serving utensils and bowls to pens, aprons and notebooks (but please, no food items). You may even be able to keep beer, wine and liquor in storage, though you’ll want to consider climate control storage specifically designed for wine and liquor storage as these requirements may be more stringent than offered by the typical self storage company.

Dishes and glassware

If you need to store any glasses or dishware, be sure to pack these items carefully. Wrap glassware individually with newspaper and place gently into the box. Plates and bowls can be stacked on top of each other but you should use newspaper or bubble wrap to separate each dish. Silverware can stay in the silverware box as long as the lid is secured. Be careful storing silverware as it can tarnish and scratch.

Seasonal items

As the seasons change, so will your décor. Self-storage is a great place to keep decorations, centerpieces, seasonal menus, promotional items and any kind of holiday flair such as napkins, candles and lighting. Plus, as the weather changes, you may be able to put away outdoor fixtures like fire pits, heaters, umbrellas and patio furniture.

New themes

In additional to seasonal changes, you may want to give your restaurant or catering business a new look and theme periodically. Catering and restaurant storage makes it easy to rotate new menus, curtains, table cloths, napkins and more. You can also keep different uniform styles for staff in your storage unit.

Organizing your storage unit

The most effective restaurant and catering storage solutions use an organized approach to make it easy to rotate equipment and supplies in and out of storage. Label each of your storage boxes with the contents inside, stacking heavier boxes on the bottom. Boxes can also be stacked on top of furniture such as tables. Using shelving can also provide a place to keep items such as aprons that you’ll need easy access to. It’s also a good idea to keep an ongoing list of what is in your storage unit, as well as where it is located. Keep boxes and other items you’ll need access to frequently towards the front of your unit, while items you won’t need until next year can be kept towards the back.

Benefits of self-storage

ezStorage offers a variety of convenient locations around the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Our facilities are clean and safe, using the latest security measures. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing that your restaurant and catering supplies are protected by security cameras, gated access and onsite resident managers. Plus, our knowledgeable storage professional can assist you in answering any questions you have about the best methods for catering and restaurant storage.

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