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Tips for Moving Day: Developing a Moving Day Checklist

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Moving day is inherently stressful. Even if you’re moving into your dream home, the actual process can seem intimidating. That’s why it’s critical to break this overwhelming project into a series of manageable tasks by developing a moving day checklist. This detailed plan for moving day will save time, minimize stress, and make your transition as smooth as possible. Below is a collection of tips designed to help create this checklist in a way that works best for you and your family.

Moving Day Checklist: Tips for Packing Properly

Some of the major decisions for moving day include whether or not to rent a moving truck, hire movers, or ask your friends and family to help. While the answers to each of those questions will be different for everyone, there are certain packing tips that are universal. Along with making sure that you’re completely packed before the moving vans arrive, below are some additional best practices to incorporate.

  • Label all boxes: When you’re packing for moving day, it’s important to label all boxes with their contents and the rooms where they belong. This will help you avoid breaking fragile items when loading the truck while also maximizing efficiency during the unloading portion of the day.
  • Use a tracking sheet: Once you have your boxes labeled, create an inventory tracking sheet that summarizes which room will be receiving which box. This will help make sure that everything arrived on moving day while identifying any boxes you may be potentially missing.
  • Donate what you don’t need: When you’re going through your closet, be honest with yourself—do you really wear that rugby shirt from 2002 anymore? Do you think you’ll ever actually fit into those pants again? If you have clothes in good condition that you no longer wear, donate instead of transporting them to your new home.
  • Designate boxes for self-storage: Make sure to designate boxes of items that you might need to place in self-storage. Consider moving these boxes to self-storage ahead of time to clear out household storagespace and to have one less thing to do on moving day.

Moving Day Checklist: Unpacking with a Purpose

Once you arrive at your new home on moving day, it is just as important to be organized when unloading your truck and starting the unpacking process. As the homeowner, you should be the moving day coordinator, and this is where the tracking sheet becomes valuable. Let the people moving the items know what rooms furniture goes in while checking off the inventory as it arrives.

Another key point to remember is that the unpacking process does not have to be done in one day. The essentials should be unpacked first, and then take your time with the other items in each room. Remember, it isn’t a race to get things set up. It might seem like a daunting task, but if you follow the moving day tips below you will be sure to finish strong.

  • Unload furniture first: Have a plan for where you want to place large furniture and appliances in rooms before unloading the moving truck. Place the larger furniture in the room first, then put together beds and tables.
  • Verify with tracking sheet: Take inventory of your items by using the tracking sheet you developed while marking off the boxes that have been successfully delivered to each room. This will help you identify anything that might be missing and ensure you’ve accounted for all of your belongings.
  • Stage all boxes before unpacking: After all the boxes have been loaded into your new home, then it is time to start unpacking by room. Don’t get caught up unpacking a particular room until the moving truck is completely empty.
  • Kitchen, then bathrooms: Start unpacking the kitchen first. Have a plan set on where you want to put the items that you use every day. These should be easily within reach. The items that are not used daily can wait to be unpacked. The second room that needs to be unpacked is the bathroom. Set up the bathroom including hanging shower curtains, unpacking toiletries and putting toilet paper and soap into place.

Self-storage facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes to help with any moving day project. It is also important to have the right moving and packing supplies on hand to box up your personal items for transport. ezStorage locations offer a wide variety of moving and packing supplies and our self-storage professionals are always there to help. Once you have the supplies you need, you can begin to execute a moving day checklist even quicker!

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