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How to Store a Mattress

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How to Store a Mattress

Learn how to keep your mattress clean and protected for years to come.

The average American life expectancy is 78 years. In that amount of time we spend:

  •  26 Years sleeping
  • 10.3 Years working
  • 3.66 Years eating
  • 1.25 Years doing housework

With all the time we spend sleeping, it’s important to keep your mattress in tip-top shape for a better rest every night.

Tips for Storing Your Mattress

Sleeping on a damaged mattress can lead to a whole slew of health problems. When storing your mattress, try out these tips!

  1. Disassemble the Bed: When disassembling the bed, keep all screws, nuts, and bolts in a plastic bag taped to the frame or headboard for safe keeping. Cover the bed frame and headboard with old blankets during transit and during storage to protect from dust.
  2. Clean the Mattress: Before moving or storing a mattress, be sure to thoroughly clean the mattress. Use upholstery  cleaner on the actual mattress and then vacuum both sides.
  3. Use a Mattress Cover: Invest in a light, breathable plastic mattress cover to cover the entire mattress. These usually cost $20 or less at stores.
  4. Store it in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: If you are storing your mattress long-term, climate control might be a good idea. You can expect one of these storage units to keep temperatures stable between 50 and 85 degrees so your mattress stays clean and protected year-round.
  5. Lay Your Mattress Flat in Storage: This is actually opposite from what you read in most storage tips. It is okay to move the mattress on its side, but for storage, it is better to store flat as the  coils and inner workings could shift by storing it on its side over a long period of time.

    How Many Mattresses Will Fit in a Storage Unit?

    • A 5×10 storage unit will hold:
      • 5 twin mattresses
    • A 10×10 storage unit will hold:
      • 10 twin mattresses OR
      • 7 queen mattresses OR
      • 6 king mattressess
    • A 10×15 storage unit will hold:
      • 16 twin mattresses OR
      • 11 queen mattresses OR
      • 10 king mattresses

    Want to learn more tips? Download and print our guide on How to Store a Mattress.

    Contact ezStorage today to find out how self-storage can save you time, money and the space you need. Stop by one of our several locations throughout Virginia and Maryland to learn more.

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