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How to Organize Inventory

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Using self-storage for business supplies and items

Many business owners find that using self-storage is a critical component to running a successful business. Not only does self-storage provide extra space for inventory and other supplies, but it also can help improve productivity. Many offices lack the necessary storage space to keep paperwork, samples, excess inventory, supplies and extra office furniture. These items end up stored ineffectively around the office, unorganized and inefficient.

As self-storage experts, we’ve helped many business owners streamline their business processes by offering much needed extra space to keep their supplies and inventory. To help you get started, we’ve compiled our list of business storage tips:

Create a list of what you need to store.

Evaluate your office and inventory. What needs to go into storage and what do you need to keep in the office? Files that you need to access everyday are best kept in the office, but supplies you only need occasionally are great candidates for storage. Excess inventory can also be kept in storage. In fact, we have many retailers including nationally known retailers storing extra merchandise inventory in our self storage units rather than cluttering their stores. We’re just a short trip away when the need arises to restock merchandise in their stores.

Remember that your goal is to improve the efficiency of your business, so consider that as you make your list. You want to declutter the office and put items into storage in an organized fashion. Group your list into items you want stored together in the same boxes or shelves. Once you have an idea of what needs to go into storage, you can select the best sized unit. If you aren’t sure, ezStorage self-storage professionals can help you decide.

Use proper packing supplies.

As you pack up your office inventory, paperwork and other business items, you want to make sure it’s being packed efficiently and in a manner that won’t damage the contents. Use sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and plastic bins to pack smaller items. Furniture can be stacked vertically in the back of the unit, unless you need access to it sooner. Some business owners prefer to use shelving units inside their storage unit to help organize. If you are stacking boxes, heavier boxes should be placed on the bottom.

Map out where items are stored.

As you begin organizing inventory, supplies and paperwork, keep accurate records. Note where items are placed in the storage unit, quantities and dates they were stored. Continually update your list as you move items in and out. Having an organized list of what you have stored will make it a simple task to retrieve items from storage. Otherwise, you may end up going through several boxes or even the entire unit before you turn up what you need.

Other uses for business self-storage

Self-storage is a great long-term business storage solution, and it can also provide an easy solution for short-term storage needs too. Also, consider self-storage for these business needs:

  • Remodeling or renovating your office space or building: Move furniture into storage while you paint or expand your offices.
  • Preparing for holiday or peak seasons by storing excess inventory: Build your inventory before busy season hits and keep it from cluttering the office.
  • Rotating seasonal inventory and supplies in and out of use: Keep outdoor patio furniture out of the way in the winter.
  • Moving to a new location: Help make the move easier by storing supplies as you move into the new office.

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