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How Much Does Storage Cost?

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There are many reasons for needing self-storage. Some of the most common include:

    • Moving to a new place
    • Clearing out space in your home
    • Holding onto items for a loved one
    • Downsizing your home
    • Or looking for a secure place to put cherished belongings

Are you thinking about renting a storage unit? In this post we broke down 7 different factors that can impact the cost of the storage unit.

How Much Does Storage Cost: 7 Factors that Can Impact the Cost

As you check out your storage options, your first question is likely to be, “How much does a storage unit cost?” The answer will depend on a variety of factors. There are many personal factors that influence storage rates, such as:

1. What Storage Unit Size Do You Need?

How much space you need plays a huge factor in determining how much your storage will cost. You can determine the self-storage rates for the size of storage unit you need by viewing the prices on the storage locations page. Keep in mind that you’ll want to have a good idea of how much storage you’ll need ahead of time.

2. The Storage Facility Location

Reputable, large storage operators sometimes offer competitive pricing. Most renters find competitive pricing in and around a metropolitan region. While a farther drive could get you a lower rate, a better location will make frequent access easier.

If you need quick access to your belongings, a storage facility near you is the best option. If you need more space on a budget, a farther drive can help.

3. Indoor Storage Units vs. Outdoor Storage Units

Are you curious about the differences between indoor and outdoor storage units? Check out the explanations below!

  • Outdoor storage units: Outdoor units allow for drive up access. Drive up access is like driving up to a garage door. You can load and unload with ease, with your vehicle a few paces from the door!
  • Indoor storage units: Indoor units are more like apartments. You’ll enter through a main door to get into the facility and then you’ll walk down an indoor hallway to get to your unit.
    Reputable self storage companies will have both options. Make sure the facility has ample indoor and outdoor security before renting.

4. Self Storage Security Systems Offered at the Facility

Reputable self-storage companies offer fundamental security features at their facilities. Look for gated access and 24-hour surveillance as must-haves.

5. Storage Unit Accessibility

Convenience drives up the cost of storage units. Storage units on the first floor tend to cost more than those located on upper stories. These first floor storage units are very popular with small businesses!

6. Storage Units that Can Control the Climate

Storing delicate items? Paying a little extra for climate controlled storage units might make sense. A range of items are best-suited for climate control. Read our guide to climate control for more information.

7. Storage Unit Rental Agreement

Check the terms of your rental agreement! Some companies allow you to receive a discount for paying in advance. If you know you are storing for at least a year, ezStorage will give you the 13th month free. Paying the 12 months in advance pays off in the end!

Are Your Ready to Reserve Your Unit?

Now that you have a better idea of how self-storage works, you can start to determine which features to look for. You’ll also have an idea of features to ask about when calling for price quotes on self-storage units. Contact ezStorage to get your questions answered or check out our storage facilities page to find a location near you!

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