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How to Choose a Moving Company

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Choosing the right moving company can be a time-consuming task, but well-worth the investment. With the right knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision and learn how to pick the right professional moving company for your needs. Here are some helpful tips that can help guide you in your search.

How to Pick a Moving Company

Check their license. By law all professional moving companies are required to be licensed by local, state, or federal regulation. Being a licensed moving company means that the company has met the requirements for operating a moving company. Ask the moving company for their Department of Transportation (DOT) license number and then search the DOT website to check if they are a licensed interstate moving company.

What kind of reputation does the moving company have? Conduct online searches for reviews, testimonials or consumer complaints about the moving companies you are considering. You can also check your local Better Business Bureau for online consumer feedback for choosing a moving company. You can visit them online at www.bbb.com.

Questions to Ask a Moving Company

Moving Cost Estimator

There are many questions to ask a moving company before signing a contract. One of the top concerns is the estimated cost for moving your belongings. Know whether your estimate is binding or non-binding. A binding estimate is a written agreement made in advance with the moving company. It means that the price quoted in the estimate is the total amount that you will have to pay, even if the shipment weighs more or less than the estimated amount. It guarantees the total cost of the move based on quantities and services shown on the original estimate.

A non-binding estimate is what the moving company believes the total cost of the move will be based upon the estimated weight and services required. As its name implies, a non-binding estimate is not binding (or set in stone), and indicates that your final charges will be based upon the actual weight of shipment and services provided.

Moving Insurance Options

What type of moving insurance is offered? And at what cost? Damage to your belongings is not likely, but can happen and you need to know how your items can be protected. All moving companies are required by law to assume liability for the value of the goods they carry. There are two different types of liability insurance coverage that moving companies can offer: Full Value Protection and Alternative Level of Liability.

Under Full Value Protection, the moving company is held responsible for any item exceeding $100 dollars per pound that is lost, destroyed or damaged while under their care. If an item is damaged, the moving company has the option of either repairing the item or paying you to have it fixed. If an item is lost, the moving company can either replace the item with something equivalent in value or pay you to have the item replaced. Make sure to check with your moving company on the cost of Full Value Protection, as it will vary by company.

Alternative Level of Liability is available at no additional cost, but only offers minimal protection. Under Alternative Level of Liability, the moving company assumes responsibility for no more than 60 cents per pound, per item. Make sure you take time to review both kinds of protection plans and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Move

Another important step in choosing the right moving company for your move is to ask the moving company for a list of references. Do not be afraid to call these customers and ask them questions about the moving company. It’s better to be safe than sorry.Of course, it’s alway best to check independent sources and the internet is a great tool for researching a moving company.

Choosing a good moving company is the key to a successful – and less stressful – move. Spending the time to research moving companies and asking the right questions will ensure that you find the perfect moving company for you.

In order to be prepared for the moving day, make sure that you have a supply of moving boxes and packing supplies. ezStorage has a wide range of moving and packing supplies to help make the move a bit easier. Also, our helpful storage professionals can offer packing tips to have a stress-free moving day.

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