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How to Store Holiday Decorations

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The holiday season will soon be here. It is nearly time to bring out the holiday decorations that you have placed in storage in a basement, garage, attic or self storage unit since the start of the New Year. It is important to have a proper holiday decoration storage strategy for your many types of decorations from family heirloom ornaments to wreaths and lights. To make sure that your holiday decorations are stored correctly, so you can use them for years to come, there are a few things that you should do. Make sure that you have the proper packing supplies such as boxes, newsprint and packaging tip in order to store you holiday decorations. Find out where the best place in your area is to buy storage boxes.

Tips for Holiday Storage

Segregate your decorations, such as ornaments, lights, or candles, into different boxes. Create a holiday decoration inventory list, so you know what you currently have and what you might need to purchase. Check for broken ornaments, lights, or other decorations. If they can’t be fixed, then discard them and add them to your inventory list to replace for next year. Also, check to make sure that the boxes are in good condition. Label every box with the contents, so you can easily access the decorations that you need. Create a large enough space so you can store your Artificial Christmas tree. Once you have the holiday storage basics completed, now is the time to find out how to store specific holiday decorations.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Holiday Lights

Store holiday lights neatly coiled to keep them from being tangled. There are many great DIY solutions for storing holiday lights such as wrapping the lights around the outside of a coffee can or wrapping paper tube. For extra protection , wrap the light reel in tissue before storing in boxes.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and can be difficult to properly store. Many ornaments are handmade by family members or are heirlooms, so they need to be treated and stored with special care. If possible, keep the boxes for larger or oddly shaped ornaments. If you don’t have the boxes, then carefully wrap the ornaments in tissue paper. There are specially-designed ornament boxes that you can find at your local home craft stores. Or you can be creative and make and use your own DIY solutions, such as using a cardboard egg crate, to store smaller ornaments.


Place the holiday wreath in the original box whenever possible and store it horizontally on a shelf. If you don’t have the original box, then place a bag over the wreath and hang it in a closet or behind a door. You can also use a garment bag to store your wreaths or larger holiday decorations. Do not store bags of wreaths on top of one another, as the wreaths could get damaged.


Store candles flat, out of direct light and in a fairly cool area. Sunlight can make the candles warp and lose their color. A great place to store your candles is actually under a kitchen or bathroom sink. Wrap candles in cellophane to keep them from melting together.

Holiday Self Storage Solution

If you do not have the space to for holiday decoration storage at your home, then consider placing the items in a self storage unit. This will free up storage space in your home. Seasonal items can be stored in the back of your storage unit and then switched out throughout the year.

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