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Garage Storage Ideas and Solutions

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The main purpose of a garage is protect cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats from the elements. For many the garage is a place for decorations, sporting equipment, toys, lawn equipment, and so on. Hence why some people never get to park their vehicles in their garage at all! Luckily there are solutions to help get your garage back in order. Continue reading to bring lasting change to your cluttered garage.

As with any room in a home, the garage needs to stay organized and purposeful. Keeping the purpose of your garage in mind is key to reorganizing it to its former glory.

Garage Organization Tips

Brainstorm garage storage ideas – how can you keep your garage orderly yet functional? As you are thinking that all through, create diagrams to help visualize. Sketch the space into different zones for specific uses, such as vehicle storage.

Rather than pile all those random items in the corner, keep items organized by their type. For example, keep tools organized on a tool bench. Be mindful, If you have a freezer or store food in your garage, these items should be closer to the door. The reason behind this is that you want easier access to items you use the most. Likewise, keep children’s toys near the front of the garage for easy access in the summer.

Garage Cleaning Tips

Every organization project needs to start with a clean slate. Begin by clearing out the garage completely. Sweep and wash down the floors. If there are oil stains on the floor, treat them with sawdust or cat litter. Make sure that you sweep and clean out all the corners of the garage. Sort through the items that you have removed from the garage into piles. We recommend the following categories: keep, storage, throw away, donate, and sell.


Tips for How to Organize a Garage

Once you have all of the items out of the garage, it is time to organize and group similar items together. If you keep things in your garage organized then you will be able to find them when you need them. There are many garage storage ideas such as shelving and pegboards that are vital parts of a garage organization plan. As you are putting your garage back in order here are just a few garage organizing ideas:

  • Before putting items back into the garage, check them for damage and which ones might need to be repaired before using them again.
  • Move potentially hazardous materials to a locked storage area away from children and animals.
  • Put up shelving for even more garage storage solutions. Purchase plastic bins for children’s toys, gardening equipment and pet items.
  • Use as much vertical space as possible in the garage by installing pegboards and hooks. If you are storing tools in your garage, then hang them up on a pegboard.
  • A great garage storage idea is to hang bikes, ladders and other equipment from the walls and ceiling of the garage to get them off of the floor.
  • Clearly label the contents of any boxes and bins that you use for storage in the garage. This is especially true for a workshop with screws, nuts, bolts and other materials.


Storing Garage Items in Self-Storage

Self storage is a great option for storing extra items from a garage, including seasonal items such as lawn mowers, patio furniture, snow blowers and gardening tools. All of these items take up a lot of room in a garage. If your garage plan doesn’t include (or you don’t have room for) seasonal items such as holiday lawn decorations, wreaths, or artificial Christmas trees storage, then consider renting a unit to place these items in a secure place. ezStorage has a variety of self-storage unit sizes that can help you free up space in your garage. Stop by any of our ezStorage self-storage locations to pick up moving and packing supplies and to find the best storage unit for your household storage needs.

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