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How to Properly Store Documents

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If business files, documents and paper are taking over your office or your office is running out of storage space, then it is time to think about storing your documents and storing it in a self storage facility. Self storage and business storage actually work hand-in-hand. Storing documents in self storage helps to reduce the clutter in your office, while increasing work space and productivity!

Choosing a Secure Documents Storage Option

When choosing a document storage facility to store your documents, make sure to pick one that is close to your business location. If you need to access to stored documents, you do not want to drive across town. A climate controlled self storage unit is also recommended for business document storage. The climate controlled storage units help to protect the documents from damage caused by extreme weather such as heat, humidity and freezing temperatures. Because you are storing employee and business records, it is vital to pick a storage facility with secure document storage including video surveillance, keypad entry, computerized gate access and strong locks!

Use Document Storage Boxes to Protect Your Documents

It is important to have the right types of document storage boxes and other storage supplies when you are packing your documents. Documents should be stored in sturdy cardboard boxes with filler material to make sure that the documents will not shift while being moved to and from the storage unit. As with other storage boxes, make sure that the document storage boxes are sealed securely with packaging tape.

How to Store Documents

After you have decided to store your business documents in a self storage unit, there are a few things to keep in mind as you are preparing your boxes and storage units.

  • Do not share the security code and keys to the storage unit with many individuals. Likely there are personal files being stored that should only be accessed by people that have proper authorization.
  • When packing the document in boxes fill the boxes up to the top and add filler material. Do not over stuff the boxes. Do not use newspaper as filler as the print can rub off on the documents.
  • Document storage boxes should be no heavier than 30-50 pounds, so you can still lift and move them easily.
  • Raise the document boxes off of the ground on pallets, wood, plastic sheeting or cardboard. The optimum document storage solution would use shelving units in the storage unit.
  • For extra security, store the documents in locked file cabinets or fire safes.
  • If possible, use air tight packaging boxes for your documents to protect from water damage in case of a flood.
  • Place the oldest files towards the back of the storage unit. Place the files that you might need to access more frequently towards the front. The same goes for the stacks of boxes. Place the oldest towards the bottom and the newer documents towards the top.
  • Label every box with the contents. Create a numbering system for your stored boxes that you can put into a spreadsheet for cross-checking. This will also make it easier to find the documents that you need.

Documents Storage Solutions at a Storage Facility

Self storage is a perfect solution for business storage from retail inventory to contractor’s equipment to document storage. Placing your documents in storage will help to keep your office and business clutter free as well as help to decrease your stress and increase the productivity of your staff.

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