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The Benefits of Using Self Storage for Business

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Business owners can expand, grow and make their businesses run smoother with the help of office storage space. Self-storage facilities can be used for more than just temporary storage. In fact, if you are a business owner, there are many ways extra storage space can play a crucial role in supporting your goals and objectives.

Document storage

Paperwork is a necessary part of doing business. Legally, you’re required to keep certain records, such as employees’ tax documents for a prescribed number of years. Plus, you probably have a vast mountain of receipts, customer records, applications and other paperwork you want to hang on to. But keeping it in the office can be difficult, especially if space is limited. Business storage units are a great option for keeping your documents you don’t need every day safe and out of the way. It also adds another layer of protection to ensure that employees or others on site are prevented from going through potentially sensitive paperwork because only those with a key to your business storage space can access your documents. In addition, many facilities offer climate-controlled units that will protect your documents from extreme temperatures and humidity that could be found in a warehouse.

When packing up documents, remember to:

  • Put documents you will need to access near the front of your office storage unit
  • Use air tight packing and make sure your documents are dry before storing
  • Store file containers on pallets to keep them off the ground
  • Label your files carefully

Furniture storage

There are a variety of business reasons why you might need to store furniture throughout the year. Perhaps you hire additional seasonal help but don’t want the extra desks and chairs crowding your office in the off-season. Business storage space is also great for renovations or moves. You can temporarily store furniture while painting, knocking down walls or any other remodeling efforts you are undertaking. Or if you are changing locations, you can use business self-storage units to keep extra furniture while you transition to a new location.

When packing furniture, remember to:

  • Cover furniture with drop cloths but ensure that air can still flow through
  • Use pallets to raise your furniture off the ground
  • Protect your furniture’s corners and edges with appropriate packing materials
  • Make the most of your office storage space by placing boxes on top of desks and smaller items inside drawers

Inventory and product storage

Inventory can take up a lot of space in your office. Effective storage solutions are key to running an organized business and ensuring you have plenty of inventory on hand. Business storage units provide an ideal place to keep your inventory from cluttering up your office space. You can use shelving to organize and store inventory no matter your needs. Some business have surplus inventory at different times of the season while others need to keep inventory on hand to ship to customers making ecommerce purchases. In either case, the extra business storage space will help streamline your process and provide room for your business to grow.

When packing inventory, make sure to:

  • Keep clear records of what you’ve stored, the quantity of items and where it is packed in your business self-storage unit
  • Consider using shelving for extra organization
  • Use pallets to keep inventory items off the ground
  • Determine if your inventory requires a climate-controlled environment before selecting a facility. Keep in mind that certain items may require stringent temperature control and typically are not suitable for office storage.

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