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Baseball Equipment Storage Tips

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Baseball Equipment Storage

With the rising cost of sports equipment, it is increasingly important to take proper care of your gear during the offseason. This applies for all seasonal sports, but especially the bats, gloves and baseballs required for America’s favorite pastime. Sports equipment storage is a two-step process—first preparing your items for storage, and then selecting the storage option that best fits your needs. Below is a list of tips designed to help make sure your baseball equipment storage solution will keep you ahead of the game long after your season on the diamond concludes this summer.

Baseball Bat Storage

The first thing to consider in baseball bat storage is to make sure you are protecting the finish of your bat. During the season, baseball bats are dropped in the dirt and dragged through the mud on a regular basis, so it is important to thoroughly clean your bat before storage. The best way to clean your bat is to use a wash cloth with warm soap and water while scrubbing thoroughly.

How and where you store your bat will have a big impact on maintaining its optimal performance. Depending on where you live in the country, climate controlled storage units could be a great choice for maintaining the proper temperature for baseball bat storage. It is also recommended to use a bat sleeve to avoid damage while moving your bat into or out of storage.

Baseball Glove Storage

Cleaning a baseball glove to prepare it for storage is a bit more detailed than cleaning your bat. For baseball glove storage, you will want to first use a brush, cotton rag, leather safe cleaner and a glove conditioner. Use the brush and rag to gently remove any dirt and grime that has built up over the course of the season. Then, follow the instructions on the label of your leather safe cleaner and glove conditioner to finish preparing your mitt for storage.

The primary objective is to make sure your glove does not get wet, so keeping it out of the weather in a storage unit could be a great solution for freeing up household storage space. A climate controlled storage unit may be beneficial for gloves as well during the winter, but the main objective would be to keep it out of extreme heat and wet conditions.

Baseball Storage

Baseball storage does not include as much cleaning as baseball glove storage does, but it is worthwhile to first wipe the baseballs off with a damp rag. Allow the baseballs to dry before placing them in a plastic box with a seal-tight lid that will keep them fresh throughout the storage period. After packing your bins and boxes with baseballs, place them in storage with a sealed lid to protect against water or dampness.

Baseball Equipment Storage in a Self-Storage Unit

In a self-storage unit, place your bats, gloves and baseballs in the same area so you can find them easily next season. A 5×5 storage unit could be the perfect storage unit size for baseball equipment storage. ezStorage has secure storage solutions systems that will give customers peace of mind that their baseball equipment is safe while in storage along with climate controlled storage units available. Stop by any of our 46 locations in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area to learn more about our sports equipment storage options.

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