The Ultimate College Moving and College Storage Guide

The end of the college year is stressful with exams and setting up internships and summer jobs. Then add on top of that packing up a dorm room to head home (or away for a job) for the summer. At the end of each college year, students have to pack up their personal items, electronics, furniture and all other memorabilia that they acquired over the school year and transport it back home for storage for the summer, just to repack it all again when school is back in session in the fall. 85% of recent college graduates moved back home after graduation.

Where will they put all of their stuff? ezStorage has created the Ultimate College Moving Guide to help students pack up their dorm rooms or college apartments. The guide shares what can be stored in a self storage unit versus what should be moved back home along with other great moving tips for college students!

Moving and College Storage Guide

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