Ultimate College Back-to-School Packing Guide

What Dorm Room Essentials Are On Your College Dorm Checklist?

Students moving away from home to go to college have many challenges and adjustments during the first few weeks of school. One of the biggest adjustments for students is moving into a residence hall and learning to live in close quarters with one to multiple roommates.  It is also a challenge to fit all of your everyday “stuff” into your new space. Some dorm rooms are very small with limited storage space so students have to be very creative storing books, clothing, and needed accessories.

Before you even get to your dorm room, you need to create a dorm room essentials list for your room: what you need to bring, what appliances you need, what extra storage you need, and how the room should be set up to optimize space? There is a tendency to over pack when you leave for school. Being organized and making a college dorm checklist are key components to make the transition easier. Consult with your roommate before move-in day about larger items such as a mini refrigerator, TV, DVD player, audio equipment, microwave, coffeemaker and decorations. 

We created the “Ultimate College Back-to-School Packing Guide” checklist to help new students going away to college for the first time with packing tips. 

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