Using Self-Storage for Your Seasonal Belongings

Holiday Decoration StorageMany of the belongings taking up space in your home are often things you only need or use for part of the year. From clothes and recreational equipment to tools and decorations, keeping these items in your house or apartment may be unrealistic and preventing you from keeping your belongings organized. Whether you have tiny closets, a small apartment or just too many items to keep at home, seasonal storage is an effective strategy and cost-effective option. By using self-storage facilities to keep your personal items throughout the year, you can create extra room in your home by storing what you don't need in the off-season.

Spring and summer storage

During summer and spring, self-storage is a great option for your cold weather and winter items. First, pack up cold weather clothes, including the entire family's supply of boots, hats, scarves, mittens, heavy jackets and snow pants. You may want to store each family member's clothing in one box or bin labeled with their name, or group like items together and label it accordingly.

Next, pack up any winter recreational equipment you won't be using, such as ice skates, sleds, a snowmobile, winter hunting gear and skis. Tools are also easy equipment to add to your list of winter items for storage. You won't be using your snow blower, salt or snow shovel in the spring or summer, and even your rake or fall gardening tools could be added to your storage unit to free up space in the garage.

Finally, you'll want to put all of your fall and winter decorations into seasonal storage. You won't be decorating any time soon for holidays that occur well outside of the spring and summer,  Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's and Valentine's Day. Pack up holiday lights, trees, figurines, wreaths, stockings, gift wrapping and other trimmings. Costumes and decorations used for other fall and winter holidays can also be packed away in bins or boxes. To keep things organized, be sure to label each container with what's inside, and store similar items for each holiday in the same box.

Fall and winter storage

As the days begin to shorten and the crisp fall weather begins to turn the leaves shades of orange, yellow and brown, it's time to switch out your seasonal storage. Retrieve your winter and fall items and pack up your spring and summer items for storage, starting with clothing. All of your warm weather outfits can be packed up, including shorts, tank tops, sun dresses and swim suits. You can also store your recreational items. Depending on your interests, you may have a wide range of warm-weather gear, from motorcycles and canoes to scuba diving equipment and bicycles. If you have children, you'll likely have a lot of outdoor items you may want to put into storage including wagons, strollers, tricycles, beach toys, pool accessories and other outdoor play items.

Summer and spring-themed tools can also be packed into your self-storage unit. Hoses, sprinklers, lawn mowers, hedgers and gardening tools can be packaged away, though remember you'll need some of these items through the fall months. You can also store outdoor patio and lawn furniture. Finally, store any decorations you need just for the spring and summer months, such as Easter and Fourth of July.

Finding seasonal storage

If you decide you need summer and winter storage space, it's time to find a facility. Storage unit prices can vary from location to location, so you'll want to call and ask for a quote. Be sure to discuss any special requirements you may have, such as climate-control, which may increase the cost of your unit.