Planning for the Holidays

The holidays can be a very stressful time of year. There are holiday parties with friends and family, the pressure of finding just the right gifts, and traveling to and fro. The best thing to help combat holiday stress is to be as organized as possible. How do you have a stress free holiday? One more: Planning.  Planning for the holidays is essential to being able to enjoy the holiday season.

The National Retail Federation has predicted that the average American shopper plans on spending $805 this holiday season on holiday gifts, decorations and hosting holiday parties. The average shopper plans to spend $463 on just family members this holiday season. Holiday spending per person will vary, but the same report showed that an average person will spend $78 for gifts for friends, $26 for gifts for co-workers, $28 for pets, $53 for decorations, $29 for greeting cards and postage and $108 on party food.

There are so many family and friends holiday events and activities crammed into a 6 week time slot. In order to keep everything in order, now is the best time to create holiday planning checklists so the holiday party planning, holiday gift shopping and holiday decorating can be easier. 

In order to beat the holiday rush and lessen holiday stress, start organizing now!  We created “Planning for the Holidays” to give a holiday planning checklist to help you have a stress-free holiday season.

Planning for the Holidays Infographic


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