Best Way to Store Power Tools

From professional contractors to the weekend DIY warrior, if you have an abundance of power tools, self-storage is a great option for storing your equipment when not in use. Keeping your tools in self-storage will keep them dry, out of the way from children and free up much needed space at home. Follow these tips on how to store hand tools to help your tools last longer.

Keep tools protected

One of the most important factors when storing your tools is to keep them protected from moisture, dust and any other potential damage. A self-storage unit can provide the perfect setting to accomplish this goal.

An absolute no-no in hand stool storage is to leave tools on the ground. If any moisture is on the ground, your tools could rust. Plus, it creates clutter and just isn't an effective way to store tools. Instead, invest in shelving and storage units. Leaving tools on shelves is better than the floor, but your tools will still be exposed to dust unless you throw a plastic cover over them. Dust can damage motors and stick to lubricants causing your tools to stop working. Cabinets with drawers will help protect against dust, as well as hard cases. The plastic in hard cases will keep tools from being damaged and allow you to store cords, batteries and other accessories along with your tool. Plastic bins can also be used to store tools but stay away from cardboard boxes - the cardboard can be destroyed by moisture and will be ineffective in protecting your tools.

Make the best use of space

To maximize your storage space, line the walls with shelving. Fill drawers will tools and accessories, storing bigger items in plastic bins underneath (you can use pallets to keep the bins off the floor for extra protection). You can pile any hard cases on top of the shelves. You can use additional space to store large power tools - just remember to keep them covered with protective plastic to keep dust and rust at bay. You can organized smaller items - like nails and screws - in drawers or small containers.

Climate controlled options

Cordless tool storage may require some additional consideration. Because most cordless tools usually require a battery, you'll want to consider the climate in which you'll be storing them. Most rechargeable batteries are best stored in temperatures around 59 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Depending on your batteries, they may be able to handle higher and lower temperatures, but most cannot handle extreme cold or heat. Consider the weather where you'll be storing your tools. If temperatures can rise above 100°F in the summer or below freezing in the winter, you may want to consider a climate controlled option. Climate controlled storage units ensure that your unit is kept between a specific temperature range, guaranteeing that the extreme temperatures outside won't impact your belongings.

Many of our ezStorage facilities offer climate controlled units. Heated, air conditioned units in an above ground space offer a much safer environment than keeping tools in a damp basement or drafty shed.

Reserve a Unit

No matter your reason for seeking construction storage for your power tools - lack of space, concerns of children getting into tools or worry that a damp basement or shed isn't protecting your tools - ezStorage can help. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes and can help you decide which unit is right for you. Call 877-467-8673 to get a quote today.