How to Store Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the fastest growing consumer holidays. According to the National Retail Federation in a 2014 press release, consumers spend about $7 billion on Halloween: $2.5 billion for costumes, $2.1 billion for candy, and $1.9 billion on decorations. Consumers celebrate Halloween in many different ways: 71% hand out candy, 46% decorate house and yards, 46% dress in costumes, 33% of Americans throw or attend a party.

Consumers spend a lot of money on costumes renting, buying, or making their own for the Halloween season. $1.4 billion is spent on adult costumes and $1.1 billion is spent on children’s costumes. Costumes can be expensive, so it is important if you are storing them, to keep them in the best condition if you plan on using them again.

Halloween costumes need to be properly prepared and stored correctly so they can be ready for future use.  Halloween costumes can be stored anywhere -closet, basement, attic, or storage unit.  

We created “How to Store Halloween Costumes” to give easy-to-follow tips to help make sure that Halloween costumes are properly taken care of when being placed in storage.

How to Store Halloween Costumes


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