How to Prepare Your Kitchen Appliances for Moving and Storage

The hardest items in the home to prepare for storage or moving are appliances. If you are moving appliances to a new home or to a storage unit, it is very important to follow the right steps Refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves and microwaves all have particular cleaning and storage requirements which are identified in the Infographic below. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for specific storage/moving instructions for unique to each appliance.

Solutions for Storing Appliances

Self-storage is a great solution for short-term and long-term storage for appliances. By properly preparing them for moving or storage, you will be able to keep the items in good working order when you need them. ezStorage has a variety of storage units from climate controlled to non-climate controlled to fit appliances.

Following the right preparation steps will help make moving and storing kitchen appliances much easier. ezStorage has created “How to Prepare Your Kitchen Appliances for Moving and Storage”, an easy-to-follow guide to get appliances ready for moving or storage to keep them in good working condition in their new homes.

Tips for Moving Kitchen Appliances