Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

If you are planning on using a storage unit, you may be wondering if your belongings will be safe and protected in a non-climate controlled storage unit. Specifically when the weather is very hot or very cold. Generally, most items in a non-climate controlled storage unit will be protected. Non-climate controlled storage units are not heated or cooled, so your belongings may be subject to fluctuating temperatures that vary as the outdoor temperatures do depending upon the nature of the building. You may want to consider climate control if you store items that are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature.

What is climate controlled storage?

As you are researching self-storage locations, you can ask if the facility offers climate control storage. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is located on a floor or within an area where the temperature range is controlled. The general industry standard for a climate controlled storage unit is a temperature range between 50 to 85 degrees.

When do you need climate controlled storage?

Now that you have a better understanding, you are probably asking yourself, "Do I need a climate controlled storage unit?" The quick answer, it depends. Think about what you are storing and for how long you plan on storing it. If you only need to store those more delicate belongings for a few weeks, you may be able to skip climate control storage depending on the time of year and where you live.

Generally speaking, the more delicate your belongings, the more likely you should consider climate control. Keep in mind, even a climate controlled storage unit is not appropriate for certain artwork, pianos, wine or other items that require a much narrower range of temperature variation. Before you make your decision, consider the following benefits and drawbacks of climate controlled units.

Where can you find a climate controlled storage unit?

Many storage facilities offer climate controlled storage, but not all. Don't assume that the facility you are considering offers this option and you'll need to call ahead and ask or check the website. In addition to price, ask what temperature the facility maintains, or what range of temperatures the units are exposed to.