Costume Storage Ideas

Whether you’re buying a pre-packaged costume from a retailer or piecing together your outfit from the thrift store, the price of Halloween costumes can add up. In fact, Bankrate estimates that average kids’ costumes costs parents around $30, with some creeping even higher. Adults face similar prices, with most costumes falling somewhere into the $30 to $50 range, and higher-end stores selling more elaborate and more expensive costumes. After investing so much into your costumes, it’s a good idea to properly store and save your wigs, outfits, jewelry and accessories to be reused again down the road. We’ve highlighted tips for easy Halloween storage below.


One of the most basic costume storage ideas is to use plastic bins or storage boxes. You can even purchase orange bins for an easy color coding system to represent Halloween, though you should probably label each bin as well. It’s a good idea to mark what costume or costume pieces are in each bin so you don’t have to dig through several bins to find what you are looking for. Consider storing like items together such as wigs, shoes or hats. Filled bins can be placed in crawl spaces, attics, garages or other storage rooms.

Ensure that your costumes are prepped before storing to keep them in the best condition. First, you’ll want to make sure they are clean. Put them through the washer, hand wash or take them to the dry cleaner depending on the material and instructions on the tag. Next, if you have delicate items, wrap them in acid free tissue paper. Bubble wrap can also help maintain the shape of an object, such as a hat or mask. Some costumes are better off stored on a hanger in a garment bag instead of in a bin. A garment bag will protect the costume.

Kids costume storage

While most adults will only need a costume once a year, kids love dressing up frequently, sometimes on a daily basis. Instead of putting your children’s costumes into storage, consider creating a dress up center where your kids can easily access their costumes for playtime. You can repurpose an old trunk or toy box to hold all the dress up materials. Line the inside with material you find around the house from old sheets or table cloths, or spray paint the entire structure. Another popular idea is to turn a book shelf into a mini wardrobe by removing a shelf or two and adding a clothing bar. You can hang up dresses, one pieces and the main clothing sets while storing accessories - wands, shoes, wigs, gloves, boas, beads, and more – in baskets. You can also add hooks to your child’s room so they can hang their beloved costumes out for easy access.

No space for storage?

If you simply do not have the space to make these home storage solutions work, consider another option before throwing away your costumes. ezStorage offers low cost storage units, ideal for individuals and families in need of extra storage. Keep bins, boxes, extra clutter, seasonal items and holiday decorations in your storage unit to free up space in your home or apartment.